Monday, 13 June 2011

I'm back

Things have been incredibly busy of late and so I haven't had the time to get on and post. Hoping to get back into things over the next few weeks however, but wanted to give you an update on Insane Reno.
I'm on the final edit now, and have just 3 chapters and an epilogue to go, before its off to my editor, for a complete going over, just to make sure that nothing has been missed.
The word count now stands at 63.096, but I expect it will be a fair bit higher than that by the end, as I am going to rework these last few chapters a fair bit, adding in a little more detail, and a little more excitement too.
because at the moment it feels like its almost and anti climax, I think due to the fact that, by the time I got to the end I was so excited to be nearly finished that I rushed a little bit to much and missed out a lot of important stuff.
any who this is what editing is for so, today I will be starting the process of cleaning it up a bit, making it flow nice, and adding a little bit more excitement and intrigue.
All going well though by the end of this week, Insane Reno will be finished and off to CJ for editing, and then I can carrying on with the second book, Annie.
I'm very nervous about heading into the publishing world, in the attempt to get Insane Reno published, but excited at the same time, and have already looked into a few options, and had some interest so hopefully all will go well.
well love and hugs to you all, and I will try to make sure that I am posting more often now that things have got a little calmer in the mad house lol.