Sunday, 18 December 2011

Deja vu post

apologies for the lateness of my deja view post a family emergency meant I was away and did not have access to my computer, but better late than never right :) original post Sunday 4th of July 2011, as part of a blog prompt challenge

Flower power
When I started thinking about today’s prompt of flowers, I had a few idea’s of where I could go with it, I’ve always been fascinated by the fact that flowers have meanings, but never really looked into it much. So I thought ok well for today’s prompt that is just what I will do.
So I started to research the topic, and discovered a few extra interesting things along the way.
Don’t worry I didn’t do all this research in the space of a few hours, I knew what my prompt for today would be yesterday, so started reading up on the subject then.
First of all, I discovered that there were flowers, that represented the month in which we were born, a bit like there are gemstones that do the same, so first of all I am going to share with you the months and what flowers represent them.


Iris, Violet



Daisy, Peonies




Dahlia, Gladiolus


Aster, Forget-me-not


Calendula (aka Marigold)



Poinsettia, Holly, Narcissus, Paperwhite

I was over the moon when I discovered that lily’s, and lily’s of the valley fell in my month as I love lily’s, daisy would have been my first choice, but I am very happy with Lily’s.

Victorian flowers
The Victorian’s were the flower fanatics of our history, and they came up with a form of communication based around flowers.
Using flowers they could say things that the society at that time wouldn’t have allowed, it became a silent language that allowed friends, and lovers to communicate and a single flower could hold as much meaning as a bouquet.
Imagine how romantic it would be to have a single flower presented to you that held so much meaning. I can just picture woman, diving for their book of flower meanings, to discover what their love was trying to tell them.
They were not always used, however, to say good things, a flower that was presented to a person pointing down, was often a less pleasant surprise. Likewise it was not always a real, living flower that was given, sometimes a postcard, with a flower depicted on it was used to portray a hidden message, or even a handkerchief spayed with a particular flower scent could communicate a feeling or longing.
When you consider how much flowers meant in Victorian time’s it is no surprise to discover that their homes were always decorated with lots of flowers, flowery wall paper, flowery needlepoint, flowery lampshades, fabrics, flowers were truly the in thing in the Victorian era.
Even queen Victoria believed in the flower language, so much so that she had Myrtle in her bridal bouquet, which symbolized love and marriage, and after her wedding she had the Myrtle planted. To this day, whenever there is a royal wedding a part of Victoria’s Myrtle, is hidden within the wedding bouquets of the royals in England or within one of the floral arrangement at the wedding breakfast.
So to give you an idea of the sort of messages that could be sent using flowers, I am going to write the meanings of some of the better known flowers below:
Daisy: cheerfulness
Lily: Majesty
Lily of the valley: return of happiness
Lettuce: (yes lettuce has a meaning but it was not really a message you would want to receive.) lettuce: cold heartedness
Calla Lily: modesty.
Chrysanthemum: truth
Clove: I have loved you and you have not known it. (oh wouldn’t that be an exciting one to receive)
Carnation pink: I will never forget you.
Carnation red: my heart breaks
Carnation striped: I cannot be with you
Carnation white: sweet and lovely
Carnation yellow: distain
Daffodil: new beginnings
Foxglove: insincerity
Fuchsia: humble love
Grass: submission
Iris: message
Ivy: fidelity
Hawthorn: hope
Hazel: reconciliation
Honey suckle: devotion
Hyacinth, purple: please forgive me
Lavender: mistrust
Mistletoe: I surmount all obstacles
Moss: maternal love
Lotus: purity
Nettle: cruelty
Marigold: grief
Orange blossom: your purity equals your l
Orchid: refined beauty
Pansy: think of me
Poppy: fantastic extravagance
Peach: your charms are unequalled
Primrose: childhood
Petunia: your presence sooths me
Plum: keep your promises
Pineapple: you are perfect
Rhododendron: beware
Water lily: purity of heart
Violet: Modest worth
Tulip: declaration of love

Yes there is some fruit and Veg in there, but I guess it wasn’t always said with flowers alone J

Now here is a question for you J which flower would you love to receive the most based on their meanings, and which would you want to receive the least? I think Orange blossom: your purity equals your loveliness would be quite nice to receive lol, and Carnation striped: I cannot be with you, would be devastating if it was sent by a man you loved.
Well I hope you enjoyed my post today love and hugs Joss

Ps: here’s a pineapple, why... because I think you’re all perfect J just the way you are.

Monday, 12 December 2011

A Christmas gift that could well become a family treasure for generations to come

Today while finishing up my Christmas shopping I came across a lovely gift that you can buy for your mum, dad, sisters, brothers, grandparents ect, called the me to you Journal.

The idea of the gift is that your loved ones can fill them in over a time and then give them back to you, perhaps as a gift for your birthday or even Christmas again, so that you can learn all about them and their lives, you can also buy one for yourself to fill out for your own children and it can then be passed on down through the family for generations to come.

With questions like:  

Tell me about the time and place you were born . . .

What were your favourite childhood toys or games?

What would you do for a night out when you were dating?

Tell me about a special piece of music that you and Dad had ‘just for you’ . . .

Before I was born, what other names had you thought of calling me?

What was the first word or words you remember me saying?

What are the happiest or greatest memories of your life?

What are a few of your favourite things?

If you were an animal . . . what type of animal would you be, and why?

Describe something you still want to achieve in your life . . .

Tell me about the things that have made you happy or laugh . . .

Given your experiences, what piece of advice would you like to offer me?

This book can give you treasured insight into your loved ones lives, loves and longings, and can also make for great conversation on Christmas day.

On top of that the book apparently won the gift of the year award, which is an added bonus, I grabbed a copy for my mum and one for my sister too, and can’t wait to hand them over this Christmas, so if you’re looking for a little extra this year, and want a really special gift, this could be the perfect one.

Love and hugs

Jossie Marie xx

Sunday, 11 December 2011

To help or not to help, that is the question

Picture the scene, you’re out and about, getting your daily bits and pieces done and you turn a corner to be met by disaster, for this example will say there has been a car accident, perhaps a lady has skidded on some ice and smashed into a tree. There is smoke coming from the bonnet of the car and you’re afraid it will catch on fire, your first thought is to get anyone inside the car out, and chances are you are going to act on instinct, rushing to their aid without stopping to think of the consequences. As flames begin to show around the rim of the bonnet, you find an unconscious driver; do you leave them there and call for help or get them free as carefully, but quickly as you can?
We all know there are risks to moving a victim in a car accident, that there could be damage we can’t see or successfully diagnose, but if the car is on fire for most of us, it would be a case of weighing up the odds, is it better for this person to burn to death, or to take the risks involved with moving them from the vehicle.
Now, for me personally, I would be grateful that someone had dragged me from the car, even if it meant I was left paralysed, better that then dead, right? Wrong, because people are now suing others for attempting to do, just that.
We’ve all, I’m sure, heard the stories of accident victims suing the very people who saved their lives, but is this right? Were I in an accident such as this, I would hope someone would take the time to help me, if I was unable to help myself. When given a choice between maybe being paralysed, or burning alive, I’m certain I’d want to take the risk, because the reality is, there is a chance I’d be fine, but what worries me is these people, who are suing others for that very reason, might be putting my potential rescuer off, or perhaps, the Man or woman who could save my husband or child.
To sue someone, who rightly or wrongly was just trying to help, just seems ridiculous to me, after all they haven’t acted out of malice, but out of concern, not only that but in some cases they have put themselves at risk in the process.
The only reason I can see for another person deciding to take such actions is one based on monetary gain and really, is money all that important? So here’s a question to ponder, should you find yourself the victim or the rescuer what would you do, or want your rescuer to do for you? And how do you feel about those who are suing other’s, who are simply doing their best to help?
Love and Hugs
Jossie Marie xx

Nipple Vasospasm, through pregnancy and beyond

While pregnant with my son I suffered terribly with Nipple vasospasm, which at times, was so painful, I was left in tears. I quickly worked out that the warm heat rising from our small fire brought fast relief and so throughout my pregnancy, I could be found kneeling in front of the fire, my top stretched out to catch the warm air.
I assumed that once my son was born and no longer breast feeding, the problem would go away, but I was very wrong.
My son is now five years old and I still suffer from nipple Vasospasm, in fact have had it both today and yesterday, pretty badly, my treatment now is in the form on a microwave teddy, which I warm up and then cuddle to my chest, for quick relief, but although I have searched hard for information as to why this has continued so long, all I can find is information related to nipple vasospasm when breastfeeding or pregnant.
Nipple vasospasm is where the tip of the nipple changes colour, in my case to white, and in some cases, such as mine, causes extreme pain, in and around the nipple, it occurs in cold weather mostly, and is caused by blood vessel’s constricting or tightening. It can also occur in fingers, although I’ve never experienced it in my fingers personally.
What I would like to know is if there is anything you can do to prevent nipple vasospasm in the future, besides wearing extra layers? Which, quite frankly, has never worked for me.
Love and hugs
Jossie Marie

Tormented to death. Isn't it time parent's stood up and took responsibility for their children?

I read in The Sun newspaper the other day that a poor man with learning disabilities had been tormented to death by youths, who had been attacking him and his home for 30 years, spanning three generations. Despite both the man and his family going to the police and the council over and over, nothing was done to stop their torment.
It is horrifying to think, that no one stepped in, and tried to deal with the issue, but I can’t help wondering what the parents of these youths were thinking.
If three generations of their family have been doing this, they surely knew about their children’s actions, why did they not step up and stop the abuse and teach their children a lesson or two about respect?
There used to be a time when parents taught their children, respect, compassion, and kindness. Now it seems as if parents are just shoving their children out onto the street without checking where they are going or what they are doing.
Bullying, in particular, is an area people just do not take seriously enough, they state that it is part of life, natural, to be expected. Clearly they never suffered at the hands of a bully. Bullying is not natural, nor should it be expected, and it should absolutely not be a part of life.
Too many people have taken their own lives due to bully’s, to be tormented so bad that you feel the best option is death is not right, no matter how badly the authorities and others try to sugar coat it.
If I ever discovered my son was bullying others I would be mortified, and I would be making sure that it never happened again.
How hard is it to teach your child that they should not do to others what they would not want done to themselves and why aren’t more parents teaching this valuable lesson?
Life is hard enough without people allowing their children to run around creating havoc and causing stress for others, it is hard enough without bullies abusing people, who are just trying to get on with their lives in peace.
There are parent’s today who mock others for teaching their children kindness, patience, and compassion, among other things, but isn’t this exactly what we should be teaching our children. People feelings are as fragile as an egg, and although they attempt to portray themselves with a hard shell, even the toughest will crack under constant pressure. There is enough anger and hurt in the world without us or our children adding to it.
The riots in London, and this poor man’s death at the hands of our youth, should show us how badly the next generation is turning out, and the reality is, the government can’t fix this, nor can the police, it’s the parents, those on the frontline, so to speak, who need to bring about change.
Because if we don’t, how bad are things going to get from here?

love and hugs
Jossie Marie

ps: you can read the full story here

Eat, pray, love, I just kept praying it would end soon

Having heard many great things about the book eat, pray, love by Elizabeth Gilbert, I decided to give it a go, and all I can say, is what were people thinking, when they helped it onto the best seller list. Although it has a few witty comment's and interesting idea's the author is clearly only interested in one thing, herself. Page after page she rambles on and on about her every woe, which frequently left me begging for an end and horrified to discover that I still hadn't even reached the half way mark. This book is about a woman who lives by the idea that the grass is always greener on the other side, chasing after happiness as if her life depended on it. Nothing is good enough, not a good husband, not a nice house, not her career as a writer, she moans on about how awful her life is when quite frankly, millions of people would love to be in her shoes. When she put's on a few pounds over her ideal weight she act's like she's a hippo, please!
Slitting my wrists, would have, been more pleasurable than this book, and I quite like my wrists. If your aim in life is to be bored too tears 99% of the time and amused for the remaining 1%, you must buy this book, don't sit there staring at the computer, run, go get it, right this second, those of you who quite like your wrist remain seated, and avoid this book like the plague.

love and hug's
Jossie Marie

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Ludo and me training continues

As some of you will know already I am currently embarking on a new endeavour in my life, with the help of Ludo, my blue merle Border Collie pup. Ludo is now nine weeks old, and is already in training to be my service dog. I have trained lots of dogs in my life, from my own pet dogs, to others pet dogs, when I was a volunteer at a local dog training class, and dogs for films, in my time at a film farm in Kent. However, in all my time training dogs, I never realised there would come a day when I would need a dog to help me with task I struggle with on my own.
Yet here I am, in need of just that after an epidural left me disabled. Now, being just nine weeks old we are working on simple things with Ludo at present, coming when he is called, socialisation, sit, lay, wait, and so on and so forth, the basic things that most puppies will be taught early on in life. Our main aim at present is to teach him to do things in a calm way, so coming out of his crate, he must be calm, waiting for us to give the command that he can exit, he cannot be jumping up at the door, barking ect.
Being a Border Collie Ludo is very smart and picks things up quickly, however, I made the classic new puppy mistake of molly cuddling him for the first week or two, which really wasn’t fair on him because when I started to be a bit tougher, it was a bit of a shock to him, no one’s perfect right.
However, we are well on the way to setting clear boundary’s now, and Ludo is taking to the new rules well.
 The next step will be lead training, which although I have done this many times, will be a learning experience for me as much as Ludo, as I will have to teach him from the seat of a mobility scooter something I have never done before. So I will no doubt rope my husband and friends into help with this, so we can first help him get used to walking on the lead beside it with someone else in control, and then move on to walking beside it with me in control, I just think it would be unfair to have him getting used to the lead and the scooter all at once. We’ve already introduced him to riding on the scooter with me so he’s not fearful of it or the noise it makes. I think this will be the hardest part of my training with Ludo, the part’s where others have to do the work, as I’m so used to doing all the main work with my dog’s, but i realises as there are things I can no longer do for myself there are also things I can no longer do for my dog’s, and so some training really will require the help of my friends.
Well I shall leave it here for now and keep you posted on mine and Ludo’s progress
Love and hugs

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Picture fun on the iPhone

I have been playing around with picture apps on the iPhone and have got some pretty fun results take a look

Monday, 28 November 2011

Racist Rant

I was absolutely horrified when I watched this video a little while ago, not only at the fact that this woman was being so vile to people based on the colour of their skin, but that she was doing while holding a small child on her lap. What was she thinking. 
The reality is that half of the people she is calling not British were probably born in the UK and even if they weren't who is she to cast judgement on a group of people she doesn't know. 
Some people really need to stop and think before they act, all she has gone and done now is make an idiot of herself, and by the sound of the news reports got herself arrested too.
I guess she should be thankful that none of those people were willing to beat her up while she had a child on her lap. 
Some people just make me so mad. 

Sunday, 27 November 2011

sleepless in week st mary

Morning all, I'm trying to sound enthused but the reality is, I'm exhausted. For about a week now I have been really struggling with my sleep pattern. It's not a problem falling asleep I do that very easily, it's the waking up at 3am in the morning that is the problem. Which is leaving me feeling decidedly drained, and a little bit on the grouchy side too.
I had a cold when this started and although my cold is much better now I'm finding when I wake in the morning that my nose is a bit bunged up, and I just feel very blah.
However, this isn't the first time I have had this problem I keep getting it on and off and just as I get used to being able to sleep again, bang, it start's all over.
I haven't as yet been to see the doctor, as I am pretty certain he'll just stick me on sleeping pills and that's about it, and when I was on sleeping pills before they had some pretty unpleasant side effects, so I am less than keen to go down that road again.
On a brighter note, not everyone is unhappy about my early morning wake up's, little Ludo is loving it, and full of joy about the whole thing, after all it means he gets to start playing all the sooner, although in my half zombie state I am not the best play mate lol. Well I think I am going to attempt to head back to bed for an hour before it is school run time, otherwise Kye Kye is going to have a zombie mum on his hands lol.
night night all and sweet dreams, here's hoping your slumber is more pleasant than mine is being of late.

freaks by Tess Gerritsen

This short story is a great read for anyone lacking on time. When Rizzoli is called to the murder of a young girl in an old abandoned Church, she is certain her culprit is the young man, who's been living like a vampire alongside the runaway girl, as is the girl's rather aggressive father,but as with most things in life, not everything is as straight forward as it may seem.
This book despite it's short length keeps you guessing to the very end, is well written, and intriguing, not to mention completely free for the Kindle.
The book was enjoyable to read and has left me wanting to read more by the author, so I highly recommend it to anyone who fancy's a quick read.
get your copy here freaks by Tess Gerritsen

Away, at war

It is easy while sat in our homes, snuggled up by a warm fire, playing with our kid's or enjoying our family and friends, to forget about the men and women currently fighting for our countries, it was only as I browsed the paper today that I remember that we are at war. Unlike our ancestors who faced war right on there doorsteps for the most part this war has been fought overseas and out of sight, making it so easy for us to become complacent.
The paper today told of another British soldier who has lost his life, and I can't begin to imagine how his family must be feeling to lose a love one so close to Christmas, how hard it must be watch others around them going about their lives, without a second thought for the men overseas, fighting for our protection.
we are all guilty of forgetting about the war, about those striving to keep our countries free from war, but should we be. If it were on our doorstep, if our children were at risk, would we forget then. No, and yet we forget every day about the men and women who are fighting to ensure that that does not become our reality. I felt terrible when I truly sat back and thought about it and so I wanted to stop for a moment and say a thank you too all the people risking there lives in order to allow ours to continue as normal.
Thank you.
I hope as many as them as possible can make it home to be with their family's this Christmas and for those who can't I pray you stay safe,  and find some joy this holiday season.
love and hugs Joss xx

Saturday, 26 November 2011

I do not like the like button on facebook

Okay that's not strictly true as the like button does have it's uses, sometimes it's hard to know what to respond to a persons post, especially if much more eloquent friends have posted before you, and then the like button is good, it say's I have read this and I liked it. However, when the like button becomes the lazy options it makes me want to scream. I have one friend who it seems is permanently attatched to the like button. Before the like button you got to have some pretty witty and entertaining talks with her, but now, she is perpetually silent, just her little like letting you know she has been there at all. I feel the like button has killed facebook communication to a large degree. Instead of taking the time to actually reply to your post people just smack that like button and wander away. What's so wrong with communicating with words?
Ok so we may not always be at our best when it comes to witty comments, but who cares, by actually commenting on post we get to stay in touch with our friends, see how they are getting on and what is going on in their lives, and more tends to be revealed when we actually take the time to talk with them, instead of just hitting the stupid like button.
On top of that the regular liker's seem to only comment on there own post, which means you are forced to constantly check their pages if your to have any hope of catching up with them in any depth.
I'd happily lose the like button on facebook, despite it's moments of use, and go back to just plain old commenting any day. Sadly I don't see facebook getting rid of it any time soon.
are you a like button liker, or a like button hater? I'd be interested to hear you opinion on the matter.

lovely saturday

 have had a lovely Saturday, first off my husband came home with Saints row 3 which I have been longing to play, and then we had fun playing with our new puppy ludo, who our little boy Kye is besotted with. A long hot soak in the bath with a good book, and a take away later and I'm feeling pretty chillaxed and thought I would share some picture with you taken over the last month or so :) happy saturday all.

heres a selection of pictures of my new pup ludo who will be being trained as my service dog, he was an early christmas present / congrats for completing the nanowrimo gift lol

 my beautiful old boy Harley who will be 11 christmas day, it's not to old for his breed but he act's like a grumpy old man already.
 a nice view out over the fields taken on a recent walk
 our little chickie a bit muddy and wet while on a rainy day walk
 the flowers my husband brought me, just to show he loved me :)
 some friends we made while out walking, I even got a kiss on the hand off of two of them and little kye did too :)
 kye kye in his halloween mask.
 harley de again

 our big baby hooch lol
 kye kye and his birthday cake 5 years old now bless him
 hooch again
 mr chatterbox and mr bump part of the scarecrow festival held every year in week st mary where i live
 the lovely horse who always comes to say hi when we are out on our walk
 hooch again
 more of this years scarecrows
 pretty flower taken by kye
 kye with mr bump and mrs chatterbox
 more friendly cows
 three of my boys gotta luv um lol
 kye kye looking better after a bad asthma attack
 monster kye :)
 me on canvas lol
 my scooter after Chloe, kye and dan decided to make it all chrismasy at the beginning of november the monster, and the garage dan needs to tidy up lol

A husband for Margaret by Ruth Ann Nordin

A follow on from the short story A wife for Tom, this book is a nice read, however like A wife for Tom, I felt it was a little rushed in places. I think it would have been better had she combined the two stories and added in Debra's story as well and created a full length novel, this would have eradicated the need to rush in places and made for a much more satisfying read, saying that I still think it's worth picking up both, which are free on kindle and giving them ago, and also keeping an eye on this author, as I think she has the potential to do well with her writing in the future.

A wife for Tom By Ruth Ann Nordin

A wife for Tom is another free Ebook for the kindle, and was a fairly enjoyable read. It hooked me in very quickly, and I fell in love with the main character Tom and his clumsy ways very fast. It is just a short story, but very well written for the most part, my only complaint was that it seemed to become rushed around the mid point as if the Author was trying to stick to a very rigid word count and I felt this spoiled the story quite a bit. However as  a free Ebook it is definitely worth a read, and I will certainly be looking out for more books by this author.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

free books, The Lady and the Locksmith by Cody Young.

I have started reading some of the free books from amazon that you can download on to your kindle, as I know a lot of these books are by fairly new authors or authors who are attempting to self publish and I wanted to show a bit of support and also discover some new authors. So far I have downloaded quite a few, but only read a one short story.
I thought I would share it here as I found it an enjoyable read, it is called the lady and the locksmith and is by Cody young.
Some people have stated that the book is not historically accurate, not knowing all that much about the Victorian era I couldn't really say, but I found it well written and an enjoyable read, especially as it was a free book, and would definitely like to read more by Cody young.
I am not one to lay out a lot of details because I feel that would spoil the book for others, but in short it is a love story, with one pretty passionate scene, and was definitely a page turner, as I read it though in one sitting which wasn't hard as it is only a short story of about 100 pages. Any who I think it is definitely worth a look if you are looking for something short and sweet to read, and the fact that it is free is and added bonus.

Monday, 21 November 2011


Ludo is my beautiful little blue Meroe border collie pup, we got him Friday and he'll be being trained as a service dog to help me with things I can't do anymore due to my back. He is just 7 weeks old at the moment but a real sweetheart, and already showing that he is a quick learner.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Nanowrimo day 13

13 unlucky for some and unlucky for me it seems. I'm up to the 40k Mark on my word count but am now pretty much stuck lol. No words are coming and I just cannot get motivated to write. It's not good lol.
Really gonna have to kick my butt into gear tomorrow. Because if I leave it too long without writing it'll just get even harder. Hope your doing better than me right now xxx

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Nanowrimo day 9

Well so far nanowrimo is going well for me. I'm currently at the 30,092 mark and managed to hit the half way Mark 2 mins into day eight sigh. I wanted to hit it day 7 but what can you do. I've had a few rough days where I just couldn't get my brain to function right, and a couple of naughty look backs. I know, I know never look back. But all in all I think I am doing ok on my first nanowrimo. I'm now at the place where I am fretting about my novel length, I'm worried that it's gonna be well in excess of the 50k Mark and although it being over is not really a bad thing, I'm actually getting the urge to pull things to a conclusion early which would just completely spoil it. I dunno I guess I'm just worked people are gonna think I'm a big head for having managed to do so much in such a short time and believe me when I say I never in a million years thought I would do so well at this. My aim at the start of this was to use my excitement and enthusiasm to get down as many words as possible so that when the inevitable self doubt or mental blocks kicked in I'd have the space to work through it without falling to badly behind. However, I now feel a little out of place within our regional group, as i worry that people think I'm some kind of show off or something. I guess that's partly why I'm freaking about my novel going 10 or 20k over the 50k Mark and thus kinda screwing it up trying to bring it to a conclusion sooner.
I mean I think everyone is doing great, especially those who have a 9 to 5 and are coming home and having to churn out there daily word goals. I'm so lucky that my job is my writing and my son. Because him being at school all day gives me plenty of time to write. I dunno I guess I'm just having a down day and worrying too much about what others think, when I should just be focusing on memory book and making it the best that it can be. I think a long soak some good music and a chat with Cj aka my long suffering best friend and editor will help perk me up a bit xxx

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Nanowrimo day 2

After pulling an all nighter last night and working hard both yesterday and today my word count is at 15288, I pushed myself a lot harder than I really needed to in order to give myself some free days off just encase kye has an asthma attack, because you can never be to sure when that might happen.
I'm just so determined to complete this challenge that I didn't want any outside forces to ruin it. Hope u are all well love And hugs joss xx

Monday, 31 October 2011

trick or treat

My little monster, above, my husband and I just got back from our trickle treating, which was a decidedly wet affair what with the torrential rain that decided to hit half way through, still we had lots of fun with our friends despite the weather, even if our little party of 4 adults,4 kids and 2 dogs did look like drowned rats by the end lol.
We are all warming up nicely n front of the fire now though, and all snugly in our pj's lol

School run

I'm getting ready to pick my son up from school. When Kye first started going on the school bus it was very difficult for me to get him up to the bus, as when kye was born I had an epidural which did some pretty bad damage to my back which resulted In me not being able to walk very far at all. Every trip to the bus and home as a result was agony and so I had to find another way. Now thanks to motability I have a mobility scooter which has made life so much easier for me and means I can do the things a normal mum can do which is great. And as I had a bit of time before heading off I just wanted to point out the freedom and happiness the motability people bring when helping people with dissabilitys like myself. Without motability's help I couldnt get my son to school and wouldn't have made so many great friends it's really changed my life for the better. For me admitting I couldn't do it for myself was the hardest thing I ever had to do and although needing a mobility scooter was not something I could help I felt ashamed of needing one I am so glad I was able to get past that though. If you need help with mobility don't feel ashamed or afraid as I did no one has judged me or made fun of me because I have a mobility scooter they see me not it. So if u need the help get it, it will change ur life for the better. Love and hugs joss xx

Blogging from my iPhone

Well it's been a while since I posted to my blog, but I am hoping to change how often I blog now that I can do it from my iPhone. I am so easily distracted when I go online that I often intend to blog when suddenly... "Oh! A cute bunny" I want to change that however. And as with the nee blogger app I can just blog. I am hoping distractions will be a thing of the past however I apologise in advance for any mistakes my autocorrect or what ever it is called makes lol.
This month however might be a slow one for post as I am signed up for the nanowrimo and will be hard at work. This is my first time entering but I am determined to complete a 50,000 word novel in 30 days and hopefully without going insane in the process lol.
To all who are doing this too good luck :) if you're anything like me you'll need it lol
Well that's all for now love and hugs Joss xxx

Ps the photo is of my son and his new friends lol, they maybe cows but their not MOOdy at all hehe I know that was terrible but I couldn't resist lol

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

day 13 writing prompt challenge


I love cute, pink and white are my fav colours, and I love all the cute things you can get in both.
I guess the best thing I can do with this prompt is share some pictures of things I think are cute.