This blog is written by Jossie Marie Solheim 

It's so hard to talk about yourself and so instead I am going to let and old friend, who used to do a lot of my editing, doing the talking for me: 

I have known Jossie for about four years now and she is truly a remarkable woman. She has survived much adversity in her life, from childhood abuse to a disability which severely limits her mobility as an adult. Although many people in her circumstances might have become hard and bitter, Jossie is anything but. She has a bubbly, infectious personality and everyone who meets her falls in love with her.

Jossie’s talent for creating stories with believable characters has only gotten better in the time I’ve known her. Even her rough work is becoming more polished, for which I am grateful, as it makes my editing tasks simpler. I know this girl has the talent to go far and I’m sure her ever-growing list of fans would agree. I am happy to be part of that journey.

Basic information:

Jossie was born 11 May, 1984 in Chatham, Kent and moved to Cornwall, when she was just 3 years old with her family. She now lives in a small village in Cornwall with her husband, Dan, and their 7 year old son, Kye.
Solheim family
Dan, Jossie and Kye
(selection of photos below)

other residents in their home include;

13 year old rottie, (sadly passed away 18th November 2013, forever in our hearts) 

Harley de,
13 year old cross breed

3 year Blue merle border collie

Timmy and Tizzy
the twins. 
3 year old. 


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  2. Great to meet you Jossie and Chuck.