Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Who do you believe?

I'm one of those people who loves scrolling through my newsfeed on facebook and watching the videos that others have shared. 

For the most part these videos are fun, amusing, or cute, but every so often you watch something that makes your jaw drop and causing you concern and this is what happened to me the other day, when I stumbled across a video about the refugees and in essence the horror that is supposedly going on in the countries where they have been welcomed. 

Things such as:

Murder, rape, child abuse, assaults, home invasions, riots, a huge rise in thrift, crime and the local community generally being hounded out of areas that the refugees have made their home.

Now I like to believe the best of most people, but this video petrified me especially on top of the recent attacks on Paris and the fact that so many people in the UK are pro, letting the refugees in. 

Which currently I am not. 

Here's why!

I don't have enough facts.

The government lie to us. Papers and news broadcast lie to us. So how are we meant to know the reality of just what is going on. 

Other concerns include ...

Isis stating that they would send their men amongst the refugees.

Images that show known Isis members amongst the refugees.

The fact that the majority of these refugees are not family's, but young, single men, who surely should have stayed at home to fight for their country, instead of fleeing.

And the horror stories I have heard about what these refugees are doing in the countries they have been allowed into.

Such as holding marches in which they declare their intent to wipe out the white population, by taking white women as wives and forcing them to pop out sprogs left, right and centre. 

Footage of German children being beaten by refugee teens, simply for being German. 

Of Norweigan women being beaten and raped by refugees.

Of refugees openly laughing and joking about how stupid we all are and how we cannot possibly standup to them because we are cowards.

Now I don't for a second believe that all refugees are bad, but I get the impression that a large number are causing problems in the countries they have already been allowed to enter and I feel like without more hard facts, how can we possibly open up and let them in, when doing so may put our own children and our own families at risk. 

Their countries are in ruin, their families in danger and if I could be sure it was safe I would be glad for them to come here for protection, but it doesn't feel safe. It feels as if we are opening our doors to the same horrors that they are facing in their home countries and that petrifies me, but then so does saying no and having people suffer unfairly. 

So what do you believe, or who do you believe? 

Are we all just sitting here allowing our government to make poor choice after poor choice without any consideration for our futures? Are we trusting the news to tells us everything, when in fact they are only telling us what others want us to what? Are the videos flying around the Internet of the horrors of letting refugees in yet more lies and discretion? 

What do you think?

I'd life to hear your thoughts on this.

Love and hugs 
Joss xx