please note the covers on this page may not be the final cover they are simply here to brighten things up a little.
Blurb for finding Kelsey will be added soon. 

In the prequel to Insane Reno, we follow the story of Annie, as she documents her life, her loses, 
what she really saw
 the night her family was brutally murdered. 

Diagnosed with Alzheimer's, Charlie, a once strong man, becomes a shell of his former self,
as he struggles to fight a losing battle with his failing mind and rebuild a whole host of damaged relationships within his family. 

Charlie has no idea what he'll find, when he's forced to stay with his son, but quickly discovers all is not well, as he is faced with:

  • A son who won't stand up to his overbearing wife and her equally overbearing parents.
  • A daughter-in-law, who puts appearances and style before family and fun.
  • An adopted grandson, who's angry, bitter, and rebelling at every turn. 
  • And a granddaughter, who's far to timid for her own good.  
Will Charlie be able to mend his family or will he simply prove to be a burden too far? 

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