Sunday, 31 July 2011

day 11 writing prompt challenge

The good old days

I remember how free, and exciting things could seem when I was younger, I remember running wild in the fields near our homes, building hidden den's, and creating all kinds of fun games with the simple use of imagination.
I often feel sad at all the kids of today are missing out on, so engrossed in TV, and Game consoles, it often feels as if they are missing out on the wonders that are deep within themselves, needing quality graphics and others imagination to get there kicks.
They grow up so fast too, seem to have less interest in books, and outside play, and when they are outside, they seem to have one thing and one thing only on there minds.
Creating havoc.

My son has yet to be allowed to play a game console, he is only 4 years old, soon to be 5 and I don't want a computer game to become his be all and end all, I also limit the amount of TV he watches, so that he spends time learning to use his imagination.

I want my son to enjoy being outside exploring and playing in the same way I did, and not locked away in his room, eyes glued to a TV screen while he battles pix-elated monsters.

Sometimes though I wonder if i am doing the right thing, or if I should just let him follow the norm for his generation.
I'd love to know what other people think.
love and hugs Joss xx

Saturday, 30 July 2011

day 10 writing prompt challenge

Things I will never understand...

Wow! this could be such an extensive list lol, so I am going to just list 3 random things that I will never get.

The first of course has to be watching car racing on TV, any kind that involves a track that they just go round over and over again.

The sort of thing my husband is currently watching as I write this, lol. I could get going to a race to watch, because you get the noise, the excitement, and the buzz of the crowd, and I can get actually being into doing it as a sport, but I do not get sitting there watching cars, going around and around a track over and over again, I don't see how this can be exciting, entertaining, or in anyone fun or interesting and sometimes I wonder if my husband finds it any of those things either as the majority of the time he full a sleep watching it lol.

I think it would make more sense to just tune in for the highlights and results, and don't bother with the rest lol.

the second thing I thing I will never understand is people who put things, such as cars, boats, work or even pets, before the own kids, wife or husband. Don't get me wrong I love my pets but if my dog bit my son, I know which one would be going and it wouldn't be my son, but there are people out there who will keep a dog, despite the fact that it has bit there child time and time again, in some cases does so on a daily basis, and although it may just be nips and not serious bites, or snapped warnings, what's to say the next snap won't be a deadly snap.
I will never understand a person who hires a nanny to care for their children, so they can go shop and socialise and climb the ladder of popularity, while never getting to know there own child, or the person who works and works, not because they have to, but because they want to, neglecting the people who love them most in the process.
I think family should always come first, your partner and your son and so people like this, I just cannot understand them.

and finely, I cannot understand single parents who meet a man they barely know and put them before there own kids, to the extent that they turn a blind eye to any abuse that person inflicts on their child.
that is just plain wrong.

what things can you not understand ?

Day 9 writing prompt challenge

Just adding to the problems

Okay, so today's prompt was irritations, and something that has really been bothering me lately, is a man that I have met on the game second life.
Now this person runs a sim on second life, that is designed around a real life place, and all over his sim he has signs asking for people to become vip's, (which basically means, you rent a property with barely any prims, prims are needed to furnish and home, and pray twice the amount you would pay on any other sim) So I decided to become a VIP, because the sim was cute, its was one of very few I had found that represented a place in my country, and I wanted to do something worth while.
On top of renting and becoming a VIP I offered to help him with anything he needed help with. Now the owner of this sim will tell you how bad everything is, and how they need to bring in more money to pay the tier, yet things are out of date on the sim, the guide to the sim have landmarks that are incorrect making it impossible for people to find the things they are looking for, and the biggest killer is the fact that he charges for things that people can get for free else where.
with work the sim could be great and could be bringing people in very easily, but the owner wants people to change to suite his sim, instead of changing himself, in order for his sim to suit others, and the result, people come, but quickly go again.
His current main interest is spending hours and hours developing a new item that A) doesn't even fit the theme of the sim, but is just something that is his own prefrence B) isn't free unless you are a VIP so is highly unlikely to ever be actually used by anyone, and C) needs a bigger space than just one sim to really enjoy it.
in short he is draining more money creating things that will not be used, money that he should be putting towards tier to save the sim, than he is in promoting the sim, and fixing the more important problems.
he also has rules that are keeping people away in the most important way. On second life, for girls a facelight helps make the avatar look a whole lot more realistic, but he has band facelights from his club, this is were the people who do go to the sim can gather together and socialise and is one of the biggest attractions for the sim, but because of his strict rules, people don't want to come, and his only reason for banning them, is that he doesn't want people looking at others facelights, and ignoring his own lights.

I have come to the conclusion that there is no saving this sim, if he can not open his eyes to how badly he is destroying it, and can't bring himself to do the work that needs doing, and relax on the rules.

As a landlord he is terrible also, not being quick to react or giving you away to eject people from your home, meaning your home becomes a highway for anyone who fancies strolling on threw or sitting on your furniture for hours on end.
being on that sim has really been the worst rental experience of my life, and not one I plan to repeat in a hurry.

I guess sometimes, there is just no helping people, not if they can't look past what they want, and see what the people they are meant to be catering too want.

It's horrible to think a sim that could be great will be lost, but what can you do.

ok rant over lol.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

day 8 writing prompt challenge

prayer boxes

I was reading a really good book recently called redeeming love by Francine Rivers (brilliant book, one of the best books I have ever read.)

Well in the book one of Angel's friends shows her a prayer box that she has made from an old hat box. She has basically cut a slot in the top and whenever she has something she needs to pray for she just write it down on a piece of paper and drops it inside.

Then ever so often she'll open the box go through select a few at random and if God as answered her prayer she removes it from the box.

When reading the book this really hit me as a great idea, especially because when you were feeling low you would be able to go to the box, and by looking at the prayers and seeing how many had been answered by God, help yourself to feel a little better, and also help remind yourself that God answers all your prayers eventually, maybe not in the way you hoped, but in the way that is right, and that would help you to pray to God with your current problems and be able to feel certain again that God loves you and is watching over you.

So I will be starting my own prayer box as soon as my new, very pink and very cute hat box arrives I can't wait.

Really I think you could use all kinds of boxes for this, perhaps even a cute bag or something like that, what ever you use I think it is a great way to pray.

day 7 of writing prompt challenge (actually its 8 but i forgot to do one yesterday so doing two today lol)

volcanoes of opportunity

Okay, so today's prompt is volcanoes, and reading up about this I discovered that one of the things, many women long for the
most, comes from volcanoes, Yes you guessed it, or maybe you didn't lol, Diamonds.

so lets give you the basics of what happens to make Diamonds, so first of all you gotta drop down through the earth's crust, that what you're stood on. Don't worry, I'm not going to make you dig, just imagine it lol.
so you go down through the crust into what is called the mantle, and your going to want to go down about a hundred miles, maybe even more, into the mantle; (WARNING!! Don't go to deep, cause you'll hit the core, and the surface of the core, is as hot as the surface of the sun and I have it on good authority, that even imaginary people struggle with that kind of heat.) any who, once you are down in the mantle find yourself some carbon, that getting it's atoms crushed, cause when Carbons gets it's atoms crushed it forms into a new lattice like structure. (sounds pretty already doesn't it)
Now make sure your imaginary person has some real good protective clothing on, because it's gonna need to be about 15 hundred degrees for this to work, and make sure they've taken their vitamins too, cause the pressure needed, would feel something like 4000 men standing on your foot.
If you know 4000 men you could give this a try, but it might be better if you let your imaginary person be the test dummy here too. Wow! we're really putting these little imaginary people through a lot today aren't we.
Okay, so if all that went well, then we should, in theory have diamonds that are just waiting to get to the surface.
Remember there like a hundred miles down still.
But that's okay, because with the help of some kimberlite, lets call it Kim for practicality, we can force it to the surface pretty quickly. See, Kim is sat down there under the earth too, but Kim's a type of volcanic rock that doesn't like to much pressure, I know how she feel's, so a bit like us, when it get's too much, and the pressure builds and builds Kim need's to let it out. So she forces her way up through the mantle creating a pipe up to the surface, that's filled with molten rock, mantle fragments and diamonds, and she goes rushing all the way up to the surface, hits the crust, smashes through it and to let everyone know she's there and not happy she violently erupts, spewing molten rock (lava) everywhere, and diamonds, too.
Shame there has to be the whole molten rock part in there, be nicer if it just rained diamonds, actually maybe no,t cause their pretty hard those diamonds, and one of them on the head, especially if it was a big one wouldn't be all that pleasant.
So our diamonds are ready to be dug up, once Kim's cooled down, but they don't look like the picture above or the one below when the reach the surface. cause that would make things way to easy lol.
no they look like the picture below, and this has to be cut into the cute diamonds, in the first picture, and then inserted into jewellery and such like in the second picture above.

So next time you hear a volcano has erupted pray no one is hurt and think of all the new diamonds that might have just been scattered onto the surface of the earth thanks to our friend Kim lol.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

day 6 writing prompt challenge


I love gadgets, and the promise they hold, of less effort
, more connectivity, go anywhere, ease of use ans so on and so forth.
Not all of them live up to their claims however and sadly I've yet to get every gadget I long for and doubt I ever will.
But I'm going to use today's prompts to tell you about three of the gadgets I have that I could not live without.
(just to clarify they are not in any particular
order as I could never pick a fav)

my mobile phone: I love my phone, its not new or flashy, but its pink and cute, and oh so very me, It's one of my connections to the outside world, and a safety blanket that I can carry everywhere with me, knowing that should anything go wrong, I have my phone ready and at hand, to call for help. the actual phone pictured above is the phone I have, although not actually a picture of mine, as mine also has a little cross with pink gems and a little bell, phone charm on it, but still other than that it looks exactly the same all pink and cute and awesome lol.
My laptop: My laptop, again the same as pictured, is my sanity. living as I do in the middle of no where, it helps me stay in contact with others, helps me research for my stories, shop, and of course write.
I watch films on it, TV, play games, chat, and pretty much spend most of my day with it on ready should I need it. I really couldn't live without it.
My Kindle: I have only had my kindle about a week, but it is already a can not live without gadget, I take it everywhere with me, have a large collection of books on it, and it takes up barely any space.
I love that I can highlight any passages I want too, have books in seconds, and take notes.
I love real books of course I do but for me the kindle is just so much easier, and trying to squeeze a paper back in my small bag just doesn't work like slipping in my kindle, even with its protective cover.
It remembers my page, so no worry of my book mark getting pulled out by my son, or knocked out by one of the dogs. I can automatically rate, and review it, and even send my review or rating straight to facebook from it. It is just an amazing gadget and I adore it.

so that't it my three couldn't live without gadgets, what gadgets could you not live without ?

Monday, 25 July 2011

Day 5 of writing prompt challenge

My best and worst quality as a writer

From a very young age, I used my imagination to escape the reality of my life. My imagination became my safe haven, for it could take me anywhere I longed to go, and block out the less the pleasant reality that surrounded me.

My imagination became one of my best friends, a friend that has remained loyal too me throughout my life, a friend that I pray will never leave me.

My imagination helped me discover wondrous things, made me consider the possibilities, and left me with this terribly scary urge to be a writer.

because it is incredibly scary, to have faith in your abilities with the written word. However, I would not change it, I love my imagination and the Skill that God has given me and as well as a good imagination, God has given me the ability to understand people. How and why they react or do the things that they do.

Both of these traits combined, I feel are what make me a good writer, that and a whole heap of life experience, because despite the fact that I am only 27 years old, I have seen and gone through a lot more than most, and as bad as my life has been prior to where I am now, I wouldn't change a thing that happened to me, not a single beating, not a single heart ache and not one single lonely night, because all of those things have helped me grow.

What I would change, are the things that didn't happen to me, the things that happened to others like me, the things that are happening even right now this second as I write, to girl's and boys, men and women all over the world.

But I am just one person, there isn't much that I can do, accept pray, and write, pray and write. So I am thankful for these, and hope that through my writing, I might be able to open eye's to the reality of the world, if only in a small way, it is better than nothing at all.

my writing journey has had some set backs along the way, in school when I was told I was dyslexic, spelling, reading, any of these things were hard for me to grasp. Grammar the worst.

However, I kept going persevering, oh if only I had the same spirit now, needless to say I got passed it, got good enough, that I could write. A good editor, irons out the scruffy edges for me.

So my lack of skill with those pesky coma's, exclamation marks, and semi colons, not to mention a collect of hard to spell words, as well as the ever muddling theirs, there, and well you get the idea, would probably be one of my biggest problems when it comes to writing.

Another would be my fear, the fear that say's I am not good enough, the fear that hisses "just keep your stories to yourself, for no one else will want them" the fear that assures me that if I do not try, I cannot fail.

I have yet to receive a rejection letter for a short story, article or any of my work, I have yet to lose a competition, that wasn't just for fun.

yet still these fears eat at me, despite my two published short stories, one article, one competition win, and interest that I have had from publishers on two of my novels.

Still that fear stopped me publishing my first novel Poison Ivy, even when a publisher said they wanted to take me on board, and still that fear makes me procrastinate, and flee whenever I know Insane Reno is near completion.

I'm fighting that fear and will beat it, but that fear, I feel, is my worst quality as a writer, the biggest obstacle currently in my way.

So there you have it, that's me, my best and worst. What's yours?

Sunday, 24 July 2011

day 4 writing prompt challenge

Flower power
When I started thinking about today’s prompt of flowers, I had a few idea’s of where I could go with it, I’ve always been fascinated by the fact that flowers have meanings, but never really looked into it much. So I thought ok well for today’s prompt that is just what I will do.
So I started to research the topic, and discovered
a few extra interesting things along the way.
Don’t worry I didn’t do all this research in the space of
a few hours, I knew what my prompt for today would be yesterday, so started reading up on the subject then.
First of all, I discovered that there were flowers, that represented the month in which we were born, a bit like there are gemstones that do the same, so
first of all I am going to share with you the months and what flowers represent them.

Iris, Violet

Daisy, Peonies
Dahlia, Gladiolus
Aster, Forget-me-not
Calendula (aka Marigold)
Poinsettia, Holly, Narcissus, Paperwhite
I was over the moon when I discovered that lily’s, and lily’s of
the valley fell in my month as I love lily’s, daisy would have been my first choice, but I am very happy with Lily’s.

Victorian flowers
The Victorian’s were the flower fanatics of our hist
ory, and they came up with a form of communication based around flowers.
Using flowers they could say things that the society at that time wouldn’t have allowed, it became a silent language that allowed friends, and lovers to communicate and a single flower could hold as much meaning as a bouquet.
Imagine how romantic it would be to have a single flower presented to you that held so much meaning. I can just picture woman, diving for their book of flower meanings, to discover what their love was trying to tell them.
They were not always used, however, to say good things, a flower that was presented to a person pointing down, was often a less pleasant surprise. Likewise it was not always a real, living flower that was given, sometimes a postcard, with a flower depicted on it was used to portray a hidden message, or even a handkerchief spayed with a particular flower scent could communicate a feeling or longing.
When you consider how much flowers meant in Victorian time’s it is no surprise to discover that their homes were always decorated with l
ots of flowers, flowery wall paper, flowery needlepoint, flowery lampshades, fabrics, flowers were truly the in thing in the Victorian era.
Even queen Victoria believed in the flower language, so much so that she had Myrtle in her bridal bouquet, which symbolized love and marriage, and after her wedding she had the Myrtle planted. To this day, whenever there is a royal wedding a part of Victoria’s Myrtle, is hidden within the wedding bouquets of the royals in England or within one of the floral arrangement at the wedding breakfast.
So to give you an idea of the sort of messages t
hat could be sent using flowers, I am going to write the meanings of some of the better known flowers below:
Daisy: cheerfulness
Lily: Majesty
Lily of the valley: return of happiness
Lettuce: (yes lettuce has a meaning but it was not really a message you would want to receive.) lettuce: cold heartedness
Calla Lily: modesty.
Chrysanthemum: truth
Clove: I have loved you and you have not known it. (oh wouldn’t that be an exciting one to receive)
Carnation pink: I will never forget you.
Carnation red: my heart breaks
Carnation striped: I cannot be with you
Carnation white: sweet and lovely
Carnation yellow: distain
Daffodil: new beginnings
Foxglove: insincerity
Fuchsia: humble love
Grass: submission
Iris: message
Ivy: fidelity
Hawthorn: hope
Hazel: reconciliation
Honey suckle: devotion
Hyacinth, purple: please forgive me
Lavender: mistrust
Mistletoe: I surmount all obstacles
Moss: maternal love
Lotus: purity
Nettle: cruelty
Marigold: grief
Orange blossom: your purity equals your l
Orchid: refined beauty
Pansy: think of me
Poppy: fantastic extravagance
Peach: your charms are unequalled
Primrose: childhood
Petunia: your presence sooths me
Plum: keep your promises
Pineapple: you are perfect
Rhododendron: beware
Water lily: purity of heart
Violet: Modest worth
Tulip: declaration of love

Yes there is some fruit and Veg in there, but I guess it wasn’t always said with flowers alone J

Now here is a question for you J which flower would you love to receive the most based on their meanings, and which would you want to receive the least? I think Orange blossom: your purity equals your loveliness would be quite nice to receive lol, and Carnation striped: I cannot be with you, would be devastating if it was sent by a man you loved.
Well I hope you enjoyed my post today love and hugs Joss
Ps: here’s a pineapple, why... because I think you’re all perfect J just the way you are.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

oppsie day 2 of writing prompt challenge now posted on the right blog lol

I just realised I stupidly posted my day 2 post on my other blog, instead of this one so re posting it here now lol.

Divorce, it's not the nicest of word in the world, I am very lucky as I have never been divorced and hope that I never will be, but I have seen first hand the damage Divorce can do to a family.

My Parent's went through a particularly bad divorce. Not in the sense of fighting over who got what as we didn't really have all that much at any rate, an
d as mum couldn't drive dad got the car, and as Dad didn't want us, mum got the kids, and the council house to boot.

But in the sense that my fathers unfaithfulness, tore through my mother and destroyed her, and being the youngest and the only one out of us three gi
rls who was around much, my sisters being well into the teens and off out all the time. I was the one who remained at home, watching my mother full to pieces.

life after my parents divorce was just one disaster after another, and as a result our once relatively happy family grew apart, the closeness we had once had was shattered, and now none of us really talk to each other all that much, and some of us don't talk to each other at all.

Divorce is a bad thing however you look at it, but sometimes it is for the best, my father was never going to stop his wandering ways, and had mum of stayed with him she would have ended up the same way she did eventually at any rate, Marrying my dad was her mistake, but then if she hadn't, I never would have been born, and nor would my sisters.

Recently I became a born again Christian, and at the time my marriage was pretty rocky, I felt sure that it was just a matter of time before it all came crumbling down around my ears.
Unlike my mother and fathers relationship, there was no single person at fault, we were both at fault.

I wasn't giving my husband what he needed because I felt like he wasn't giving me what I needed and he in turn, wasn't giving me what I
needed because he felt I wasn't meeting his needs.

It was a vicious circle with both of us to stubborn to start giving first.

It took reading a fair few Christian books on marriage to turn my own marriage around, but it has turned around.

Now we are the couple we used to be once more, the couple everyone wants to be, or so my friends tell me.

Before I actually stopped and looked at marriage
, before I actually took the time to read up about it and try and understand things from his point of view as well as my own, divorce seemed the only route open to me.

I did not considered it wrong to get a divorce, and I still don't if you really have tried to work things out, but the problem is, I don't think we really do any more.

I think we have become a throw away world, where if it breaks we just chuck it in the bin, and go and get another one, without stopping to try and fix things, and sadly it seems even our marriages have become throw away.

I think if more of us had been taught the old
values, or Christian values when it comes to marriage, there would be a lot fewer divorces that we currently have.

I also feel that you don't have to be a Christian to read a Christian book on marriage, such as Men are like waffles and women are like spaghetti, (hilariously funny, and really easy to relate to) and see that it is good advice.

I was so sceptical when I started reading those books, thinking to myself, none of this is going to fix my husband, but they weren't there to fix my husband they were there to fix me, and when I started to fix myself by following the books id
eas, my husband too started to fix himself and suddenly we were like newly weds all over again.

We saved our marriage from divorce, and I am so glad that we did, we're not perfect we never will be, but we know how to communicate with each other better, to listen, to judge each others moods and needs, and I think it is possible for a lot more people to save there marriage.

I don't think we will ever make divorce and forgotten world, but wouldn't it be great if we could lower the rate of divorce, and see more families staying together for life.

day 3 writers prompt challenge

If my friends and family were food

I am going to choose three people in my life, and think about what sort of food best represents them for today’s prompt.

Dan my husband, oh what can I compare him to, he is full of energy, has crazy hair that refuses to stay flat lol, and for the most part is the entertainer, he can have a bit of a temper at times, but he’s learning to control that.

I am not sure if there is really one food alone that matches Dan’s personality so I’m going to combine two foods and say that Dan is a cheese string mated with a peperami, because he has comical, hair and the clownish personality of the character from the cheese string ads, and the craziness and fiery temper of the character from the peperami adds lol.

My friend Samantha is very strong, says what she thinks, and just gets on with life, although when it comes to animals and even people at times, she can be very sweet. She also has a very lively personality, and can be a real laugh.

So for Sam I think a Lemon would be the best food to represent her, as it is very bitter, zesty, and when you add a little sugar, can be very sweet.

My editor CJ, is a very sweet, loyal, loving caring guy, he is an old traditional kind of guy, however he takes things to heart way too much and can become quite bitter. He is also quite an emotional guy too.

So I think again CJ would have to be a bit of a combo, so I am going to say that CJ is a sponge cake, with a vanilla filling, the sponge symbolising how crumbly his emotions can be, the vanilla, symbolising his kind, caring but slightly boring side, and then the top of the sponge would be decorated with sour sweets for obvious reasons.

This has been the funniest prompt I have done yet and it really makes you think lol. Loved it. Question is what would your friends be?

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Day one of the writing prompt challenge

Bin Bags and Bed Sheets

Halloween was not a big deal in our house, you certainly wouldn't have caught our family in matching outfits like the one above.
When we were young, mum would trudge out with us, dressed like... well mum, while Dad hid in the house pretending no one was home. Well I say pretending, but to be fair he didn't really try to hide the fact that he was home as the TV would be on and the lights. He really just choose to ignored anyone knocking at the door, and only pulled himself from his chair, if someone dared to throw eggs, or yell abuse, now that really was a good way to get a fright on Halloween because my dad was not a small man, and one of the things he enjoyed most, was bellowing at kids.

Well any who we were the bin bag ....

and bed sheet family.

although I don't remember our costumes ever looking this good lol. So it was a shock to me to discover that other people especially adults could take Halloween so seriously. When young it had been all about the sweets, and treats, when we became older it all became about running wild in the streets and scaring the hell out of each other. But to me Adults didn't do Halloween their only part in it was to provide the treats, and make dodgy costumes if you were poor, or buy decent ones, if you weren't.
Well decent if you were lucky enough not to have those really embarrassing parents, that had no idea about street-cred.
However, one year a family moved into our street, that didn't do Halloween like the rest of the family's.
This family decorated the house full horror style, and walking up their garden path was a fright a minute. With hidden triggers, for ghosts, and evil laughter, and a garden that was awash with spider webs and decapitated bodies.
Things didn't get better when you got to the door, the parents would come out, dressed in the most horrific costumes we had ever seen, so eerily life like many of the younger kids burst into tears with fight.
But the best of all were their treats, candy apples heads floating in bowls of blood, and marzipan fingers oozing goo, huge gob stopper eyeballs, and so much more.
suddenly Halloween was exciting, and all us kids were rushing home, complaining to our parents about their lack of effort.
I would like to say it changed the Halloween celebrations in every household on our street, but sadly it did not, not even one, and I would like to say that I now went to so much effort when Halloween came around, but I do not.
But I would like to say a big thank you to the family that did on our street, and all the family's that do, because I am sure, just like this family did for me, you are creating memories that will live forever in the minds of many kids, grown up.
I am certain however, that I will forever be one of those people who can see Halloween approaching, but forgets it on the day, and then has to scrabble through the cupboards searching for things, which kids might deem edible, while making silent promises to myself, that next year I'll be more prepared. Yeah right lol.

30 day prompt challenge

So I have started to read this book, that is full of writers prompts, and it suggest setting a short goal of 30 days in which you write everyday.
It says that 30 days is the number of days roughly that it takes to really get into a new habit.
So I figured I would give it ago, as it's been a while since I did any posting in my blog and I would really like to get into the habit of blogging a little something each day.
So for 30 days I will pick one prompt from the book and write something about it, it may only be a few lines, or a couple of paragraphs, it could be a whole short story, or maybe a poem who knows, I'm not going to be to strict with myself. I am not sure if I can really state the prompt exactly or not, but I'll give you a rough idea of what the prompt was about so you don't just think I'm crazy lol.
the first prompt is Halloween, so I am off to think up something for that, feel free to join in if you want, I would be interested to see what people come up with, you could even do the challenge but find your own daily prompts if you prefer, just let me know if you post something so I can have a read :)
well I'll be back soon with my piece for today lol.
love and hugs Jossie xxx