Saturday, 23 July 2011

day 3 writers prompt challenge

If my friends and family were food

I am going to choose three people in my life, and think about what sort of food best represents them for today’s prompt.

Dan my husband, oh what can I compare him to, he is full of energy, has crazy hair that refuses to stay flat lol, and for the most part is the entertainer, he can have a bit of a temper at times, but he’s learning to control that.

I am not sure if there is really one food alone that matches Dan’s personality so I’m going to combine two foods and say that Dan is a cheese string mated with a peperami, because he has comical, hair and the clownish personality of the character from the cheese string ads, and the craziness and fiery temper of the character from the peperami adds lol.

My friend Samantha is very strong, says what she thinks, and just gets on with life, although when it comes to animals and even people at times, she can be very sweet. She also has a very lively personality, and can be a real laugh.

So for Sam I think a Lemon would be the best food to represent her, as it is very bitter, zesty, and when you add a little sugar, can be very sweet.

My editor CJ, is a very sweet, loyal, loving caring guy, he is an old traditional kind of guy, however he takes things to heart way too much and can become quite bitter. He is also quite an emotional guy too.

So I think again CJ would have to be a bit of a combo, so I am going to say that CJ is a sponge cake, with a vanilla filling, the sponge symbolising how crumbly his emotions can be, the vanilla, symbolising his kind, caring but slightly boring side, and then the top of the sponge would be decorated with sour sweets for obvious reasons.

This has been the funniest prompt I have done yet and it really makes you think lol. Loved it. Question is what would your friends be?

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