Saturday, 30 July 2011

Day 9 writing prompt challenge

Just adding to the problems

Okay, so today's prompt was irritations, and something that has really been bothering me lately, is a man that I have met on the game second life.
Now this person runs a sim on second life, that is designed around a real life place, and all over his sim he has signs asking for people to become vip's, (which basically means, you rent a property with barely any prims, prims are needed to furnish and home, and pray twice the amount you would pay on any other sim) So I decided to become a VIP, because the sim was cute, its was one of very few I had found that represented a place in my country, and I wanted to do something worth while.
On top of renting and becoming a VIP I offered to help him with anything he needed help with. Now the owner of this sim will tell you how bad everything is, and how they need to bring in more money to pay the tier, yet things are out of date on the sim, the guide to the sim have landmarks that are incorrect making it impossible for people to find the things they are looking for, and the biggest killer is the fact that he charges for things that people can get for free else where.
with work the sim could be great and could be bringing people in very easily, but the owner wants people to change to suite his sim, instead of changing himself, in order for his sim to suit others, and the result, people come, but quickly go again.
His current main interest is spending hours and hours developing a new item that A) doesn't even fit the theme of the sim, but is just something that is his own prefrence B) isn't free unless you are a VIP so is highly unlikely to ever be actually used by anyone, and C) needs a bigger space than just one sim to really enjoy it.
in short he is draining more money creating things that will not be used, money that he should be putting towards tier to save the sim, than he is in promoting the sim, and fixing the more important problems.
he also has rules that are keeping people away in the most important way. On second life, for girls a facelight helps make the avatar look a whole lot more realistic, but he has band facelights from his club, this is were the people who do go to the sim can gather together and socialise and is one of the biggest attractions for the sim, but because of his strict rules, people don't want to come, and his only reason for banning them, is that he doesn't want people looking at others facelights, and ignoring his own lights.

I have come to the conclusion that there is no saving this sim, if he can not open his eyes to how badly he is destroying it, and can't bring himself to do the work that needs doing, and relax on the rules.

As a landlord he is terrible also, not being quick to react or giving you away to eject people from your home, meaning your home becomes a highway for anyone who fancies strolling on threw or sitting on your furniture for hours on end.
being on that sim has really been the worst rental experience of my life, and not one I plan to repeat in a hurry.

I guess sometimes, there is just no helping people, not if they can't look past what they want, and see what the people they are meant to be catering too want.

It's horrible to think a sim that could be great will be lost, but what can you do.

ok rant over lol.

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