Tuesday, 26 July 2011

day 6 writing prompt challenge


I love gadgets, and the promise they hold, of less effort
, more connectivity, go anywhere, ease of use ans so on and so forth.
Not all of them live up to their claims however and sadly I've yet to get every gadget I long for and doubt I ever will.
But I'm going to use today's prompts to tell you about three of the gadgets I have that I could not live without.
(just to clarify they are not in any particular
order as I could never pick a fav)

my mobile phone: I love my phone, its not new or flashy, but its pink and cute, and oh so very me, It's one of my connections to the outside world, and a safety blanket that I can carry everywhere with me, knowing that should anything go wrong, I have my phone ready and at hand, to call for help. the actual phone pictured above is the phone I have, although not actually a picture of mine, as mine also has a little cross with pink gems and a little bell, phone charm on it, but still other than that it looks exactly the same all pink and cute and awesome lol.
My laptop: My laptop, again the same as pictured, is my sanity. living as I do in the middle of no where, it helps me stay in contact with others, helps me research for my stories, shop, and of course write.
I watch films on it, TV, play games, chat, and pretty much spend most of my day with it on ready should I need it. I really couldn't live without it.
My Kindle: I have only had my kindle about a week, but it is already a can not live without gadget, I take it everywhere with me, have a large collection of books on it, and it takes up barely any space.
I love that I can highlight any passages I want too, have books in seconds, and take notes.
I love real books of course I do but for me the kindle is just so much easier, and trying to squeeze a paper back in my small bag just doesn't work like slipping in my kindle, even with its protective cover.
It remembers my page, so no worry of my book mark getting pulled out by my son, or knocked out by one of the dogs. I can automatically rate, and review it, and even send my review or rating straight to facebook from it. It is just an amazing gadget and I adore it.

so that't it my three couldn't live without gadgets, what gadgets could you not live without ?

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