Saturday, 30 July 2011

day 10 writing prompt challenge

Things I will never understand...

Wow! this could be such an extensive list lol, so I am going to just list 3 random things that I will never get.

The first of course has to be watching car racing on TV, any kind that involves a track that they just go round over and over again.

The sort of thing my husband is currently watching as I write this, lol. I could get going to a race to watch, because you get the noise, the excitement, and the buzz of the crowd, and I can get actually being into doing it as a sport, but I do not get sitting there watching cars, going around and around a track over and over again, I don't see how this can be exciting, entertaining, or in anyone fun or interesting and sometimes I wonder if my husband finds it any of those things either as the majority of the time he full a sleep watching it lol.

I think it would make more sense to just tune in for the highlights and results, and don't bother with the rest lol.

the second thing I thing I will never understand is people who put things, such as cars, boats, work or even pets, before the own kids, wife or husband. Don't get me wrong I love my pets but if my dog bit my son, I know which one would be going and it wouldn't be my son, but there are people out there who will keep a dog, despite the fact that it has bit there child time and time again, in some cases does so on a daily basis, and although it may just be nips and not serious bites, or snapped warnings, what's to say the next snap won't be a deadly snap.
I will never understand a person who hires a nanny to care for their children, so they can go shop and socialise and climb the ladder of popularity, while never getting to know there own child, or the person who works and works, not because they have to, but because they want to, neglecting the people who love them most in the process.
I think family should always come first, your partner and your son and so people like this, I just cannot understand them.

and finely, I cannot understand single parents who meet a man they barely know and put them before there own kids, to the extent that they turn a blind eye to any abuse that person inflicts on their child.
that is just plain wrong.

what things can you not understand ?

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