Monday, 25 July 2011

Day 5 of writing prompt challenge

My best and worst quality as a writer

From a very young age, I used my imagination to escape the reality of my life. My imagination became my safe haven, for it could take me anywhere I longed to go, and block out the less the pleasant reality that surrounded me.

My imagination became one of my best friends, a friend that has remained loyal too me throughout my life, a friend that I pray will never leave me.

My imagination helped me discover wondrous things, made me consider the possibilities, and left me with this terribly scary urge to be a writer.

because it is incredibly scary, to have faith in your abilities with the written word. However, I would not change it, I love my imagination and the Skill that God has given me and as well as a good imagination, God has given me the ability to understand people. How and why they react or do the things that they do.

Both of these traits combined, I feel are what make me a good writer, that and a whole heap of life experience, because despite the fact that I am only 27 years old, I have seen and gone through a lot more than most, and as bad as my life has been prior to where I am now, I wouldn't change a thing that happened to me, not a single beating, not a single heart ache and not one single lonely night, because all of those things have helped me grow.

What I would change, are the things that didn't happen to me, the things that happened to others like me, the things that are happening even right now this second as I write, to girl's and boys, men and women all over the world.

But I am just one person, there isn't much that I can do, accept pray, and write, pray and write. So I am thankful for these, and hope that through my writing, I might be able to open eye's to the reality of the world, if only in a small way, it is better than nothing at all.

my writing journey has had some set backs along the way, in school when I was told I was dyslexic, spelling, reading, any of these things were hard for me to grasp. Grammar the worst.

However, I kept going persevering, oh if only I had the same spirit now, needless to say I got passed it, got good enough, that I could write. A good editor, irons out the scruffy edges for me.

So my lack of skill with those pesky coma's, exclamation marks, and semi colons, not to mention a collect of hard to spell words, as well as the ever muddling theirs, there, and well you get the idea, would probably be one of my biggest problems when it comes to writing.

Another would be my fear, the fear that say's I am not good enough, the fear that hisses "just keep your stories to yourself, for no one else will want them" the fear that assures me that if I do not try, I cannot fail.

I have yet to receive a rejection letter for a short story, article or any of my work, I have yet to lose a competition, that wasn't just for fun.

yet still these fears eat at me, despite my two published short stories, one article, one competition win, and interest that I have had from publishers on two of my novels.

Still that fear stopped me publishing my first novel Poison Ivy, even when a publisher said they wanted to take me on board, and still that fear makes me procrastinate, and flee whenever I know Insane Reno is near completion.

I'm fighting that fear and will beat it, but that fear, I feel, is my worst quality as a writer, the biggest obstacle currently in my way.

So there you have it, that's me, my best and worst. What's yours?

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