Saturday, 19 September 2015

Let's talk migrants!

So one of the biggest topics of discussion right now is migrants and whether or not we should let them into the UK.

On any discussion group now you will likely find people fighting about this, some saying yes they should while others firmly say no. 

So I decided to do a little research to try and get a better understanding of the situations. 

Now one of the biggest issues I can see with Letting migrants in, is the threat to our own safety. While many immigrants are genuinely seeking safety, there are others who are not, people who are coming in, claiming to be trying to escape the horrors of their own country, whilst actually being apart of Isis.

Isis, even told us that they would do this. That they would bring their people into our country in this very manner. 

They are playing on our compassionate nature, but how can we distinguish who is a genuin asylum seeker and who, is terrorist and a threat to our people. 

Because let's face it, if Isis is sending people in with the migrants, chances are they are intending to use those people to do terrible things. 

In Sweden there is a city where migrants were admitted. That city is now divided with one area that is completely made up of Muslim immigrants. 

Do swedes feel welcome wishing this community, no! In fact, the Muslims openly state that should Swedes come in they will be seriously hurt or killed. In essence the Swedes are not welcome in a part of their own country. 

The police cannot go into this area either, when they try riots break out and things get crazy. 

Yet the migrants go into Swedish areas and terrorise the people, stealing from them, yelling abuse and refusing to respect others and the community as a whole.

When the Swedish are asked, "Do you have any friends among the Muslims?" It is a resounding no, because they do not mix.

Though I a, sure on both sides that there are people who would love to get to know, more people from the other side, fear and an inability, in a lot of cases, to understand the other side, not just verbally but culturally, stops this from happening.

And here is another huge problem. We in the western world are taught to respect others differences, but a lot of the people from these countries have not, especially the Muslims. 

When the majority of Brits, go to another country, be it on Holiday or whatever, we try to respect that cultures rules and belief systems. Even if we don't necessarily agree with them. 

But it seems that, that is not the case for the majority of Muslims coming to the UK, or other European countries. 

Which leads to big problems. 

In all communities, there are good and bad people, but from what I have seen from watching videos crested by people who have had direct contact with immigrants, or countries that have allowed them in, is not good. 

Lorry drivers I France, say that they do not dare to try and stop imigrants from getting in their lorries, because the imigrants carry weapons and make threats.

So this isn't people saying "Please help us." This is peop,e saying "You will do as we say, or else." 


These same Lorry drivers, will tell you that in the beginning they had compassion for these people, but not anymore, because they are aggressive and threatening. 

Is this really what we want to subject out children too. 

On another video I watched a young Muslim man admitted that within his own community, he had to be very careful who he associated with, as there were many who he knew would openly encourage him to break the law. That these people were everywhere and that they encouraged others to go out, into the countries that had allowed them in and rape, steal and abuse, from the people of that country. 

Further more, he stated that "We buy up vehicles cheaply and sell them on for ten times the price, to the Swedish." Sweden being the country who had allowed him and his community in. 

He went onto add, "that it was not his fault that the Swedish were stupid." 

It was clear throughout the whole video that they had no respect or gratitude towards the Swedish people who had ultimately come to their aid and my fear is that those who come to the UK will be the same. 

And if Isis are indeed among them, what the hell does that mean for us? What will happen?

I'm pretty sure they are not coming for a nice cup of tea and a bit of a chin wag. 

So I am torn. Apart of me wants to help the genuin asylum seekers,  but another part of me wonders just what doing so may bring to our country. 

Will we find ourselves in a situation like the Swedish, fearing for our lives. Feeling as if there are areas of our own country where we are simply not allowed and worrying about the safety of our children, especially daughters, because let's face it, a lot of these people have shown that they have no respect for women. 

The reality is one of fear. I am afraid what will happen if we let them in, while also afraid of sitting and doing nothing and allowing innocent children to suffer and die. 

So what I the answer? What do we do?

I'd love to hear your thoughts and feelings on this matter. 

So be sure to leave a comment below. 

Love and hugs all


Please note, I am not an expert on these things. I am mainly going off what I have heard in recent months via social media and the news. Like most I am simply trying to understand this topic and learn. So far what I have seen has left me mainly feeling scared or concerned. I am trying to get a bette idea and understanding and this is why comments are appreciated, from both those who are for letting them in and those who are against. 
I'll admit that at present I am more against the idea of letting them in than for, despite desperately wishing that we could help them, as I said before, helping them would be great, just not if it means putting our own people in danger from the very people we are trying to help.