Friday, 30 November 2012


Hi all,
It's been a while since I have published anything on my blog, but since getting published everything has been so hectic. We're currently doing another edit on Reno just to make sure it is perfect before going to paperback. Meanwhile, I am working on two other novels, Annie of course the prequel to Insane Reno, and then another project which for now, I'm not going to say to much about.
At any rate, I have been feeling really guilty for not keeping up my own blog or taking the time to keep reading yours, but I think I have come up with an idea to fix that little problem; you see most days I browse the news papers, looking for any little tipbits that might prove nice ideas for future use and I got to thinking, what if on here, when I hit upon something interesting, I share my thoughts and feelings on the subjects so I can get to see yours too.
Thus I will not only be posting regularly, but getting to know you all a little better also. There will of course be over un-new's-related post too, but I just thought that might be a fun idea.
Hope you are all well.
love and hugs
Joss xx