Sunday, 31 July 2011

day 11 writing prompt challenge

The good old days

I remember how free, and exciting things could seem when I was younger, I remember running wild in the fields near our homes, building hidden den's, and creating all kinds of fun games with the simple use of imagination.
I often feel sad at all the kids of today are missing out on, so engrossed in TV, and Game consoles, it often feels as if they are missing out on the wonders that are deep within themselves, needing quality graphics and others imagination to get there kicks.
They grow up so fast too, seem to have less interest in books, and outside play, and when they are outside, they seem to have one thing and one thing only on there minds.
Creating havoc.

My son has yet to be allowed to play a game console, he is only 4 years old, soon to be 5 and I don't want a computer game to become his be all and end all, I also limit the amount of TV he watches, so that he spends time learning to use his imagination.

I want my son to enjoy being outside exploring and playing in the same way I did, and not locked away in his room, eyes glued to a TV screen while he battles pix-elated monsters.

Sometimes though I wonder if i am doing the right thing, or if I should just let him follow the norm for his generation.
I'd love to know what other people think.
love and hugs Joss xx

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