Thursday, 28 July 2011

day 7 of writing prompt challenge (actually its 8 but i forgot to do one yesterday so doing two today lol)

volcanoes of opportunity

Okay, so today's prompt is volcanoes, and reading up about this I discovered that one of the things, many women long for the
most, comes from volcanoes, Yes you guessed it, or maybe you didn't lol, Diamonds.

so lets give you the basics of what happens to make Diamonds, so first of all you gotta drop down through the earth's crust, that what you're stood on. Don't worry, I'm not going to make you dig, just imagine it lol.
so you go down through the crust into what is called the mantle, and your going to want to go down about a hundred miles, maybe even more, into the mantle; (WARNING!! Don't go to deep, cause you'll hit the core, and the surface of the core, is as hot as the surface of the sun and I have it on good authority, that even imaginary people struggle with that kind of heat.) any who, once you are down in the mantle find yourself some carbon, that getting it's atoms crushed, cause when Carbons gets it's atoms crushed it forms into a new lattice like structure. (sounds pretty already doesn't it)
Now make sure your imaginary person has some real good protective clothing on, because it's gonna need to be about 15 hundred degrees for this to work, and make sure they've taken their vitamins too, cause the pressure needed, would feel something like 4000 men standing on your foot.
If you know 4000 men you could give this a try, but it might be better if you let your imaginary person be the test dummy here too. Wow! we're really putting these little imaginary people through a lot today aren't we.
Okay, so if all that went well, then we should, in theory have diamonds that are just waiting to get to the surface.
Remember there like a hundred miles down still.
But that's okay, because with the help of some kimberlite, lets call it Kim for practicality, we can force it to the surface pretty quickly. See, Kim is sat down there under the earth too, but Kim's a type of volcanic rock that doesn't like to much pressure, I know how she feel's, so a bit like us, when it get's too much, and the pressure builds and builds Kim need's to let it out. So she forces her way up through the mantle creating a pipe up to the surface, that's filled with molten rock, mantle fragments and diamonds, and she goes rushing all the way up to the surface, hits the crust, smashes through it and to let everyone know she's there and not happy she violently erupts, spewing molten rock (lava) everywhere, and diamonds, too.
Shame there has to be the whole molten rock part in there, be nicer if it just rained diamonds, actually maybe no,t cause their pretty hard those diamonds, and one of them on the head, especially if it was a big one wouldn't be all that pleasant.
So our diamonds are ready to be dug up, once Kim's cooled down, but they don't look like the picture above or the one below when the reach the surface. cause that would make things way to easy lol.
no they look like the picture below, and this has to be cut into the cute diamonds, in the first picture, and then inserted into jewellery and such like in the second picture above.

So next time you hear a volcano has erupted pray no one is hurt and think of all the new diamonds that might have just been scattered onto the surface of the earth thanks to our friend Kim lol.

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