Saturday, 26 November 2011

lovely saturday

 have had a lovely Saturday, first off my husband came home with Saints row 3 which I have been longing to play, and then we had fun playing with our new puppy ludo, who our little boy Kye is besotted with. A long hot soak in the bath with a good book, and a take away later and I'm feeling pretty chillaxed and thought I would share some picture with you taken over the last month or so :) happy saturday all.

heres a selection of pictures of my new pup ludo who will be being trained as my service dog, he was an early christmas present / congrats for completing the nanowrimo gift lol

 my beautiful old boy Harley who will be 11 christmas day, it's not to old for his breed but he act's like a grumpy old man already.
 a nice view out over the fields taken on a recent walk
 our little chickie a bit muddy and wet while on a rainy day walk
 the flowers my husband brought me, just to show he loved me :)
 some friends we made while out walking, I even got a kiss on the hand off of two of them and little kye did too :)
 kye kye in his halloween mask.
 harley de again

 our big baby hooch lol
 kye kye and his birthday cake 5 years old now bless him
 hooch again
 mr chatterbox and mr bump part of the scarecrow festival held every year in week st mary where i live
 the lovely horse who always comes to say hi when we are out on our walk
 hooch again
 more of this years scarecrows
 pretty flower taken by kye
 kye with mr bump and mrs chatterbox
 more friendly cows
 three of my boys gotta luv um lol
 kye kye looking better after a bad asthma attack
 monster kye :)
 me on canvas lol
 my scooter after Chloe, kye and dan decided to make it all chrismasy at the beginning of november the monster, and the garage dan needs to tidy up lol

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