Sunday, 27 November 2011

Away, at war

It is easy while sat in our homes, snuggled up by a warm fire, playing with our kid's or enjoying our family and friends, to forget about the men and women currently fighting for our countries, it was only as I browsed the paper today that I remember that we are at war. Unlike our ancestors who faced war right on there doorsteps for the most part this war has been fought overseas and out of sight, making it so easy for us to become complacent.
The paper today told of another British soldier who has lost his life, and I can't begin to imagine how his family must be feeling to lose a love one so close to Christmas, how hard it must be watch others around them going about their lives, without a second thought for the men overseas, fighting for our protection.
we are all guilty of forgetting about the war, about those striving to keep our countries free from war, but should we be. If it were on our doorstep, if our children were at risk, would we forget then. No, and yet we forget every day about the men and women who are fighting to ensure that that does not become our reality. I felt terrible when I truly sat back and thought about it and so I wanted to stop for a moment and say a thank you too all the people risking there lives in order to allow ours to continue as normal.
Thank you.
I hope as many as them as possible can make it home to be with their family's this Christmas and for those who can't I pray you stay safe,  and find some joy this holiday season.
love and hugs Joss xx

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