Sunday, 27 November 2011

sleepless in week st mary

Morning all, I'm trying to sound enthused but the reality is, I'm exhausted. For about a week now I have been really struggling with my sleep pattern. It's not a problem falling asleep I do that very easily, it's the waking up at 3am in the morning that is the problem. Which is leaving me feeling decidedly drained, and a little bit on the grouchy side too.
I had a cold when this started and although my cold is much better now I'm finding when I wake in the morning that my nose is a bit bunged up, and I just feel very blah.
However, this isn't the first time I have had this problem I keep getting it on and off and just as I get used to being able to sleep again, bang, it start's all over.
I haven't as yet been to see the doctor, as I am pretty certain he'll just stick me on sleeping pills and that's about it, and when I was on sleeping pills before they had some pretty unpleasant side effects, so I am less than keen to go down that road again.
On a brighter note, not everyone is unhappy about my early morning wake up's, little Ludo is loving it, and full of joy about the whole thing, after all it means he gets to start playing all the sooner, although in my half zombie state I am not the best play mate lol. Well I think I am going to attempt to head back to bed for an hour before it is school run time, otherwise Kye Kye is going to have a zombie mum on his hands lol.
night night all and sweet dreams, here's hoping your slumber is more pleasant than mine is being of late.

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