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Deja vu post

apologies for the lateness of my deja view post a family emergency meant I was away and did not have access to my computer, but better late than never right :) original post Sunday 4th of July 2011, as part of a blog prompt challenge

Flower power
When I started thinking about today’s prompt of flowers, I had a few idea’s of where I could go with it, I’ve always been fascinated by the fact that flowers have meanings, but never really looked into it much. So I thought ok well for today’s prompt that is just what I will do.
So I started to research the topic, and discovered a few extra interesting things along the way.
Don’t worry I didn’t do all this research in the space of a few hours, I knew what my prompt for today would be yesterday, so started reading up on the subject then.
First of all, I discovered that there were flowers, that represented the month in which we were born, a bit like there are gemstones that do the same, so first of all I am going to share with you the months and what flowers represent them.


Iris, Violet



Daisy, Peonies




Dahlia, Gladiolus


Aster, Forget-me-not


Calendula (aka Marigold)



Poinsettia, Holly, Narcissus, Paperwhite

I was over the moon when I discovered that lily’s, and lily’s of the valley fell in my month as I love lily’s, daisy would have been my first choice, but I am very happy with Lily’s.

Victorian flowers
The Victorian’s were the flower fanatics of our history, and they came up with a form of communication based around flowers.
Using flowers they could say things that the society at that time wouldn’t have allowed, it became a silent language that allowed friends, and lovers to communicate and a single flower could hold as much meaning as a bouquet.
Imagine how romantic it would be to have a single flower presented to you that held so much meaning. I can just picture woman, diving for their book of flower meanings, to discover what their love was trying to tell them.
They were not always used, however, to say good things, a flower that was presented to a person pointing down, was often a less pleasant surprise. Likewise it was not always a real, living flower that was given, sometimes a postcard, with a flower depicted on it was used to portray a hidden message, or even a handkerchief spayed with a particular flower scent could communicate a feeling or longing.
When you consider how much flowers meant in Victorian time’s it is no surprise to discover that their homes were always decorated with lots of flowers, flowery wall paper, flowery needlepoint, flowery lampshades, fabrics, flowers were truly the in thing in the Victorian era.
Even queen Victoria believed in the flower language, so much so that she had Myrtle in her bridal bouquet, which symbolized love and marriage, and after her wedding she had the Myrtle planted. To this day, whenever there is a royal wedding a part of Victoria’s Myrtle, is hidden within the wedding bouquets of the royals in England or within one of the floral arrangement at the wedding breakfast.
So to give you an idea of the sort of messages that could be sent using flowers, I am going to write the meanings of some of the better known flowers below:
Daisy: cheerfulness
Lily: Majesty
Lily of the valley: return of happiness
Lettuce: (yes lettuce has a meaning but it was not really a message you would want to receive.) lettuce: cold heartedness
Calla Lily: modesty.
Chrysanthemum: truth
Clove: I have loved you and you have not known it. (oh wouldn’t that be an exciting one to receive)
Carnation pink: I will never forget you.
Carnation red: my heart breaks
Carnation striped: I cannot be with you
Carnation white: sweet and lovely
Carnation yellow: distain
Daffodil: new beginnings
Foxglove: insincerity
Fuchsia: humble love
Grass: submission
Iris: message
Ivy: fidelity
Hawthorn: hope
Hazel: reconciliation
Honey suckle: devotion
Hyacinth, purple: please forgive me
Lavender: mistrust
Mistletoe: I surmount all obstacles
Moss: maternal love
Lotus: purity
Nettle: cruelty
Marigold: grief
Orange blossom: your purity equals your l
Orchid: refined beauty
Pansy: think of me
Poppy: fantastic extravagance
Peach: your charms are unequalled
Primrose: childhood
Petunia: your presence sooths me
Plum: keep your promises
Pineapple: you are perfect
Rhododendron: beware
Water lily: purity of heart
Violet: Modest worth
Tulip: declaration of love

Yes there is some fruit and Veg in there, but I guess it wasn’t always said with flowers alone J

Now here is a question for you J which flower would you love to receive the most based on their meanings, and which would you want to receive the least? I think Orange blossom: your purity equals your loveliness would be quite nice to receive lol, and Carnation striped: I cannot be with you, would be devastating if it was sent by a man you loved.
Well I hope you enjoyed my post today love and hugs Joss

Ps: here’s a pineapple, why... because I think you’re all perfect J just the way you are.

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  1. I love flowers. I'm disappointed that my flower is a daffodil - pretty boring. I also don't like my birthstone. But I like the idea of new beginnings, especially if they're positive ones. Thanks for the repost!