Monday, 2 February 2015

Leaving the blogging world behind.

Recently I have found that I am really struggling to get everything done at home and still  have time to write  my novel and my work in progress. As a result something has to give and I am afraid to say that I have decided it will be my blog.

I have seen a lot of people saying how they are not reaching readers with their blog just other writers and I am kinda feeling the same way myself. Therefore I am leaving blogging behind and focusing my energy on my family and my current WIP, as they seem like they are more worthwhile pursuits.. I can't say that I won't ever be back. Should my work load every decrease a little. I might, but for a while at least, this is one blogger who is done, done, done!

Take care all
love and hugs joss xx


  1. That's sad to hear but yes, it does take a lot of time to do it effectively. Hope things ease up for you and you may come back.

  2. Best of luck in all you do and I hope you come back to us when you are able :)

  3. I wish you great productiveness in your time away!

  4. Good for you! Many of us are slowly leaving blogging for the same reasons, but can't cut the final string. :) Enjoy your family and good luck with your writing!

  5. Sorry to hear this. Have you considered just a bit of an update once or twice a month just to keep the blog alive? You might want it later for promotional purposes. And it can be a good way to vent your thoughts or whatever.

    Good luck with whatever you do.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  6. It is hard to balance everything. Have fun with your writing projects! :)

  7. Aloha Joss,

    Having been there, and done that, I would agree with Arlee. Keep the blog alive - if only for ease of promo use later on when you may need an extra platform.

    All the very best!!

  8. Sorry to have missed you! Best of luck with your writing. Keep in touch, eh?