Monday, 20 April 2015

Week one of our homeschooling journey.

So we've just completed week one of our homeschooling journey, but I can't relax just yet! Nope, because it's the start of week two lol.

In all seriousness though, it has been a very busy week and we have got so much done, but it has been amazing.

We've enjoyed beautiful weather

Interesting food! 
Stinging nettle cake anyone? 
You'll have to forgive the little bit of thumb, my son took the picture. 
And new distractions...

Two of them!

We've learned a lot about plants and the human digestion.
Built our own Chinese, Terrace farms on Minecraft and in plant pots. 

Engaged the family in some, mimic the artwork fun. :) 

for those of you who don't know Spanish, Tia,
 which means Aunt
 was his word find on his boggle sheet
that he choose to draw a picture of.
Here is his actual aunt, becoming the picture. :) 

Nature walks, with and without the dogs, during the day and at dusk.

In short we have had a blast. 
There is so much more I could share, but to be honest I am pretty exhausted. 

I've learned that even when my son finishes his work with time to spare, I still have a long day ahead lesson planning, marking and of course trying to get my own work done. Novels don't write themselves after all.
Still  I know it's worth it. 

We are loving the experience, even if my writing is suffering somewhat and the stress levels were put to the test even more with the arrival of our two newest additions. 
Mia and Molly. 

doesn't the little
biter on the left 
look like 
That's Molly. 
The cutie laying down is
her sister

They say life should be lived to the fall. Well, our home, heart and time are definitely fall, now. 
So fingers crossed we are getting it right. 
Sorry this is a short post  with not too much detail, or editing (Sorry, sorry sorry, please forgive me.) but I have lessons to plan. 

Love and hugs all 
Joss xx


  1. Hello greetings and good wishes.

    Lovely photos from slices of daily life.

    NOVELS DON'T WRITE THEMSELVES made me sit up and think. Yes, writing requires a lot of determination, will power, concentration and hard work perhaps every single day. The writers are fabulous people with special skills and I admire them.

    Best wishes.

  2. You have a tough course ahead of you but you can do it! Set up time for yourself to write every day, writing during silent seat work for the kiddos is a great time. Good luck!