Monday, 26 October 2015

Temptation by Filofax

Happy Monday all. I'm in high spirits today for a number of reasons.

1. My child's been as good as gold. Which is always a joy. 

2. My hubby will be picking up my new axiety meds and even more importantly pain meds. Which with the sudden drops in temperature are desperately needed. 


3. I treated myself to a Filofax that I've been lovingly ogling from afar for a while now. 

In truth despite having many Filofaxes and currently using three different ones on a daily basis, I have yet to find a set up that I really like.

Normal Filofax inserts are decidedly lacking in space and sadly suffer quite badly from bleed through, if you use more than just the standard biro.

Decoration is also time consuming and at times tedious.

What I have found to work is to write in pencil prior to the event and then afterwards when I know I have nothing else to add, I break out the pen. Although this does work better for fitting things in, the space in the inserts is still decidedly lacking. 

So along with my new Filofax I ordered a dodo pad. These come predecorated but I am still not sure how well the layout will work for me. It feels as if I maybe limiting myself even more with regards to space, but I am hoping there will no longer be a need to decorate. 

This has it's pros and cons; however, because I have just found a form of decoration that I really like. Doodle decoration...

I only need one pen for this and I've found some really nice fine tip, black pens that don't bleed through. It also enables me to fit more info in. 

In the image above we are looking at Monday and Tuesday of this week. There not completely filled in given that Monday is not even over yet and Tuesday is yet to start but it gives you an idea of how things look. 

Using this method I can use icons when space is running low. Which really helps and I usually keep the notes section at the top of each week free encase I need an little extra space for one of the days.

This works well in both my personal and a5 Filofaxes, but I am also currently trying out using a whole plain page as my diary page in one of my personal Filofaxes. The downside to this is that I can't really plan ahead, but I figured out a solution to that too. Month on two pages. 

This option gives me a lot more space to work with, but I worry that overtime my planner could end up way too bulky. 

I determined though that I will find the method that works best for me and get back to just two planners, a personal and A5, by at least this time next year. 

Some bad news on the planner front, is needing to shelf my original Fluro A5.

I love that planner but omg, it gets dirty so easy, there are always marks on the outside cover where the rings press against it and I recently noticed a slight cracking on the outside spine which I think is caused by the fixings of the rings inside. 

I'm really disappointed as it was an expensive planner and am now debating whether to keep it or sell it, because if I don't feel comfortable using it, what's the point.

So for some of you this blog post has probably been a bit of a bore and I apologies if that was the case, but I'm hopeful if you love Filofaxes you'll hopefully be able to relate. 

Paper planners are growing in popularity and there are more and more people being sucked in by there charms. So if you love things cute and late terrible at staying organised. You might want to give, Filofaxes or planners a look. 

Remember if you have any questions, feel free to ask. 

Love and hugs all
Joss xx

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