Monday, 17 November 2014

A little bit of consideration goes a long way and a book review.

I have just returned from another early morning trip to the school bus stop. This once pleasant part of my day has become one of the most depressing. So much so that I now dread the ping of my alarm, signalling bus stop time.

So why has this become such a loathsome task for me when once it was a pleasant one? Well quite frankly it's because I have suddenly become the person to ignore. 

Did I do something? I'm not all together sure but I don't think so. There is nothing that stands out in my mind. 

Unless of course the one mum is mad at me because I offered her the use of my netbook, while she was computer-less, only to discover that my hubby had already lent it out to someone else. 

Then there is the newest mum who hasn't said a single word to me since my kid punched her son on the bus, not that she'd said much before anyway.

I did punish my son for it, I wasn't one of those mums that just ignored it and the loss of his electrical devices for a week didn't go down well, nor did the massive lecture I gave him, because yes, I was furious at him. He know's my feelings about bullies and being mean to people. 

Perhaps it is my canopy on my scooter that is the problem. It is big and cumbersome and does get in the way but it protect my scooter and me from the harsher weather and given that my back pain is worse the colder I get this is not a bad thing as it certainly stay's quite warm in there, but should my disability equipment really be the course of people avoiding me? Probably not, but it happens all the time, in fact it's one of the more communally discussed issues on the disabled forum I am a part of.  


Because I am human and I do need human interaction just like the rest of the mums, in fact probably more so in many ways. Given that when my husband is not around I am confined to the village and for the most part to the house. 

Which is why I really felt like crying today on my return from the bus stop.  It sounds stupid, I know but when you spend all day everyday alone, with little companionship. Having people to talk to, even for a little while at the bus stop can make a big difference. So when they stand in a little huddle, backs to you,  some distance away, where you (on your massive scooter, with massive canopy) can't hope to get close, you do feel rather ostracised.

I miss how it was, when Chele was around. She always made sure to include me and when someone does that for you it means a lot. It's times like this when I really struggle with my disability. Where I sit there saying to myself. If I wasn't disabled I could walk right over and get right into that group and chat away too. If I weren't disable I wouldn't be forced to sit on this scooter, inside this massive tent. If I weren't disabled I would be less different from everyone else. 

You know I have even contemplated trying to get up to the bus stop on my crutches and standing there waiting for the bus just to be more involved, even though I know that I would be taking a huge risk with my back and would definitely be in a lot of pain for several day's after. Although I am not sure I could even make it up there in the first place, let alone stand around up there for ages. 

Today is the first time in ages that I have even thought about cigarettes and I am ashamed to say this but every fibre of my being wants is screaming to hell with this quitting malarkey, show me the nicotine. 

It's just a good thing Dan raided my wallet the other day or I'd be off down the shop like a shot right now. 

So the point of this long ramble? 

Well it's quite simple really. I can't do anything about the people at my bus stop, but maybe, just maybe I can stop one of you lovely readers doing the same thing as they are to someone else. 

So please, be more considerate of those around you. Don't leave people out, no matter what. A disabled person is still a disabled person, a quiet person, might just be a shy person and this doesn't mean they don't want to interact, more that they don't like forcing themselves on people.If there is someone sat off to one side while you and everyone else talks, stop and bring them in, include them, because it isn't nice to be sat on the outside looking in. 

People should matter, no matter who they are, how they dress or what they do for a living. So please, be considerate and make time for everyone. 

Thank you

Now on to happier things. 

With a book review. :)

The last few day's I've been reading Boy Soldier by Andy McNab and Robert Rigby. It was a book I had heard good thing about, but which I'd kind of put off reading because the whole soldier, fighting, action thing all seemed a bit to bloke-esk for me.

That said, I spotted a really good deal on a load of hard back Andy Mcnab, Robert Rigby and Chris Ryan books all of which fit that criteria and all of which I'd heard were good writers. So I figured what the heck, give it a go.

So what did I think?

Well despite my earlier concerns I actually found the book really interesting. Instead of being bored by the SAS stuff in the book, I actually found it fascinating. The plot was also good and kept me interested throughout.

Essentially the book is about Danny and his longing to become a soldier. His drive towards this end allows for him to be manipulated into tracking down his long lost grandfather, who was once a soldier himself, but one turned traitor.

What follows is an exciting read full of plenty of twists, turns and incredibly interesting and clever little tips and tricks that whether genuinely apart of SAS training or not, felt believable to me.

There was a little to much swearing for me to consider this a good book for my son just yet. Although to be fair I think it is aimed at the more young adult end of the market, but still a really good read for myself.

I will definitely be reading the rest of the series.

It's also reminded me that sometimes, it's good to try something new. It definitely paid off this time.

Have you ever been surprised by a book,, that you thought you wouldn't enjoy? If so what? leave a comment and let me know the answers to those questions and perhaps what you are reading now too.

Well that's it from me, I'm off to do some plot building for my current work in progress. Have a great day all.

Love and hugs
Joss xx

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  1. HI, Joss,

    Your post is a good reminder to all of us who pass people by without even exchanging a friendly word. Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in doing what is regular daily activity that we forget to reach out to others. I hope that things change for you.

    The McNab books sound adventurous.