Thursday, 20 November 2014

Express yourself and very brief book review lol

So I litrally just finished reading Payback By Andy McNab and Robert Rigby.  It's the second book in the boy soldier series and I have to say it read brilliant.

These writers work really well together and produce awesome characters that are easy to love and a plot that is gripping. So definitely worth a read, even if like me you think, that's not really your sort of book.

anyway, keeping that brief as promised. Mainly cause I am useless at book reviews. (I'm always too afraid of giving to much away lol.) let's get on with an Express yourself post.

It's been a while since I have done one of these, but I am really trying to get back into good habits at the moment.
Express yourself is an awesome meme ran by Jackie and Dani, designed to help bloggers get to know each other a little better. Which is always great fun right. If you want to know more or see some of the other great posts check out Dani's page.

So this week we need to name 5 fictional characters we would love to have in our lives.

Straight off the bat for me has to be phwoar, opps I mean four.

I  am a huge fan of Divergent series of books by Veronica Roth and also of the films and Phwoar aka four, yes I do really call him phwoar all the time, is my book boyfriend of choice which means he must definitely come join me real life.

Tris, sadly, cannot come due to her love of Phwoar. Sorry Tris but you're banished, even though I quite like you. let's not make things awkward now.

Next up following the whole love theme, is the awesome Jacob from twilight. My book boyfriend before Phwoar, not that I don't still adore him. What can I say my heart is fickle.
I don't think I need to say why, just look at that face and he has the sweetest personality too. Bella is an idiot, I can't believe she choose Edward, what the hell is wrong with her. Still more Jacob for me right. Well bare the pesky kid, but whatever, gotta love Jacob. 
next up, just to prove I am not completely superficial. :P 

Katniss from the hunger games.

I love Katniss, she is just an overall good person. Loves her family, looks out for them, is courageous and just brilliant. Plus she isn't your bog standard perfect beauty that you see so much, she's more real, 

Now for a bit of fun with my forth choice. hehe
The cat in the hat. 

Ok so it would be pure chaos but laughter is the best medicine and he would definitely have you in stitches. 

Then last but definitely not least John coffey from the green mile. 

wouldn't it be magical to have in your life and such a sweet loveable character. Adore him. 

Well that's me. How about you, what five fictional characters would you love in your life and Why? 

Leave a comment below. 

Love and hugs
Joss xx


  1. Your post is live at the A to Z Blog - thanks again for doing the interview.

  2. Cat in the Hat is always a joy. And I agree about John Coffey. Great character to inspire one. I'll pop over to see your post on the A to Z.

  3. Those are some good choices.
    When it comes to Cat, I've always been a bit like the goldfish in the bowl... ha ha.