Thursday, 31 May 2012

Insane Reno is going to be published yay!!

So yesterday I gave you all the good news that Insane Reno is going to be published. For the last few day's I have pretty much just been trying to process the fact that I am at last achieving my dream of having a novel published.
It is such a huge thing and something that so often I just didn't feel capable of achieving, yet when I started to send it off to publishers and one agent, I received 3 acceptances and only one rejection. I was amazed, two of acceptances however just did not seem right for me and I finely settled on raven crest books, who has Dave Lyons running it.
I liked Dave from the off, he was very easy to talk to and made me feel instantly at ease, so all round it has been a very good experience.
I'm just having the contract checked out and we are discussing cover design and such so it is all very exciting at the moment.
I have always lacked faith in myself but was very lucky to have a very good support network around me, full of friends and family who had complete faith in me, which really helped so much.
When you book is finished looking for a publisher/ agent can be a very scary thing, but it is so rewarding when everything comes together and you have a publishing contract in front of you.
If you are looking for a publisher right now, or in the process of writing your book, just remember to keep you chin up and never stop trying. I realise I have been incredibly lucky to get so much interest in my book right off, but there are many writers out there, who have had a much harder time of it and still come out the other side smiling. So never give up.
love and hugs all
Joss xxx

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