Friday, 7 September 2012

Mixed bag.

Hello all, well I am slowly getting back into the swing of things, but have another bit of a mixed bag for you, based around a few different things that I am doing at the moment.

The first thing I want to talk about is week 1 of reviving your marriage, with with Now, my marriage is fine, don't panic, but this is just something that is aimed at helping me keep it that way and also improving on it, by improving myself a little.

So week 1 is all about praying for your husband and it has some awesome ideas on this, like using an object that reminds you of your husband, to remind you to pray. So that every time you see it you think "Oh, I better do a quick prayer for him."

I love this idea as I don't pray nearly enough for my husband, I'm using my wedding ring as the reminder as suggested. But you can use anything and this method could be used for other people in your life too.

For instance, my son is transformer mad, so every time I saw or heard about transformers, or maybe even robots in general I could use that as my reminder to pray for him.

My friend Sam is animal mad and works for a rescue centre one of her favourite breeds of dogs is the boxer.  So for her I could use the boxer, praying for her when ever I saw, or heard about a boxer dog and so on and so forth.

I just felt this was such a great way to not only remind us to pray, but to keep us praying not only for ourselves but for others, because pray is such and important part of not only our daily life, but a strong faith and connection with God.

if you'd like to read the article on this for yourself, here's the link reviving your prayers for your marriage.

I have yet to finish my Bodmin moor post, I will get to it, but at the moment I have had to put it to one side, things are just so hectic here at the moment.

Kye is back at school which is helping with my productivity levels no end, although to be fair, I did get a lot of free time this summer holiday as he spent an awful lot of time with his granny and auntie Lisa, what with Insane Reno being published and all the work I had to do in connection with that. He is very excited today as he gets to come home from school in a taxi.

Also recently we lost a dear family friend, someone who had been like a second father to me when I was a child. He suffered from diabetes and was not always the best at taking care of his illness which resulted in all kinds of complications. He was in hospital having had some trouble with his heart and sadly passed away in the early hours of the morning, thankfully it was in his sleep, so hopefully he didn't feel any pain. It was very sad news and he will be missed greatly. So that brings me to the topic of diabetes, if you have it, I know it isn't easy to resist the sweeter things in life, but please try to take good care of yourselves. Your life is to precious to let it just slip away.

Heart problems seem to be a big thing at the moment, as Michael Clarke Duncan, just past away from a heart attack too and my own father is not very well either due to his heart and so it all very scary in that department right now and has really made me think that it is time I started taking better care of not only me but my family too, when it comes to that department, so the whole Solheim family are going to be trying some new meals and setting up some new menu plans and eating a lot healthier, than we sometimes do.

It's all to easy to fall into the trap of going for quick and easy the only problem is when it comes to quick and easy with food, it usually isn't all that healthy and although when we are younger we think well it won't be a problem for years yet. Everything we do to our bodies now, can and will effect us when we are older.

So real changes afoot here and losing some weight myself, is never going to be a bad thing and though it is doubtful it will make that much difference with regards to my back, it will I am sure be better for it, if there is a little less strain on it.

Annie is coming along well and likewise, Insane Reno is selling well, I have had some amazing reviews for Insane Reno both on and,  and so am really really happy at the moment with how that is going.

I have had some great support and advice from other authors which is really appreciated and lots of people letting me know they are looking forward to reading Annie. So I'm still smiling and really glad I got over my fears about publishing my book and just went for it.

And please please  remember everyone, that taking the time to leave a review for an author on a book that you have read only takes a minute but can really make an authors day, so it'swell worth it :)

As for Ludo, he is growing so fast and is nearly a year old now, his training at present is on hold, due to me having had an awful lot of pain and a lot  more restricted movement at the moment, which of course makes it even harder for me to express or show him what I want him to do. So he is just enjoying being a little fool at the moment and getting up to mischief lol.

The kittens, Timmy and Tizzy are both doing great and getting so big, they are such sweeties too and Timmy has gotten over his shyness and enjoys a good cuddle, we even get purrs now, so it's all very good.

I'll be compiling a list of good books that I have read recently, for you all to browse at your leisure with in the next day or so, but for now I am off to catch up on all your lovely blogs.
Love and hugs
Joss xxx

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  1. have a lot going on. I'm sorry for your loss. My aunt passed away from complication due to diabetes. Though hers wasn't a peaceful passing. The same...she didn't take care of herself. We have to take better care of ourselves. I agree.