Friday, 31 August 2012


So, I promised as special post for my followers on the wonderful Bodmin moor and it still hasn't materialised,  there is a reason for this, I've been in a bit of a flunk recently when it comes to writing and really struggling to get motivated. With my husband off all this week, I decided to give up trying to force it and just chillax with him, figuring a week off my help re-motivate me.
Our week thus far, has consisted of running around on SL like little loonys, staying up later, getting up even later and just enjoying quality time together.
Something we don't get to enjoy very often.
Mean while our son was off staying with his granny for a few days, returning to us yesterday, having had a wonderful time.
My motivation however has not yet re-emerged, but I figured with the weekend still to go, I will start thinking more about my current novel Annie and hope that by running it through my mind constantly, I might start to get the urge to get at it again.

Further news, the dogs and kittens have all been flea treated, again! As the last treatment didn't seem to do a thing is it me or has frontline really gone down hill or late, it certainly hasn't seemed to have much effect the last few times I have used it, but I've given stronghold a try now, hoping that will work better, if not I have a good old fashioned flea comb and the hubby and I will get down to some hard graphed on the dogs every couple of days, I will get rid of those horrible little bugs.

The car, is still off the road, because after fitting the new exhaust hubby discovered that the battery isn't holding the charge, but that is easy to fix with a new battery so fingers crossed it won't be much longer before we have transport again.

I can't wait to sell it though and get something more sensible, the Skyline has been fun and allowed Dan to fulfil his childhood dream but its time it was replace with something a little less sporty I think. I just hope Dan keeps that in mind when deciding on the next car lol.

Still got to pass it's MOT first and hoping that that doesn't result in even more faults being discovered.

Dan's has decided that he is going to try to find another Job if things don't pick up where he is now, they just aren't getting much work and their hours are being cut constantly, he had considered staying home to be my carer but as much as I love my husband I am not sure I am ready for 24/7, we need time to ourselves and our own space, plus I am not sure I am ready to admit defeat yet and take a carer, I managed okay on my own, even when I am in serious pain with my back and should Ludo, is good at giving me a little help here and there, even if he still has a long way to go before he is trained to the degree I need.

on that note, I have well and truly mastered manoeuvring the my wheelchair around the kitchen, I only bash into things, once or twice a day now, but my arms still get tired pretty quickly, I really have to build up the muscles there.

My back's not so good right now, I keep getting very bad pain that at times is almost unbearable, which often makes me worry that I may have to give in and start taking some strong painkiller medication from the doctors, which I have been trying to avoid as I have heard they can be very addictive. I don't want to go that route.

All in all despite the fact that there seems as if there are a fair few problems in our life at the moment with the car, the worsening condition of my back and lack of jobs coming in at Dan's work place, I'm feeling pretty good. I dunno, I just feel sure that things will all work out in the end, after all they always have in the past.

So apologies for not posting for a while, I hope all is well with you, love and hugs Joss xxx

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