Saturday, 4 August 2012


Am feeling a little naughty today, as I forgot to do the final buccaneer blog fest post, so here it is, a little bit late, but I figure that is better than never.
Well, I came into this Blog fest a little bit late, my aim with the blog fest was to get to know some new people, maybe get a few more people to pick up my book Insane Reno (hay I ain't gonna lie, anyone who is a new author needs all the promotion they can get right.) and finely to have some fun.
All of which I have pretty much achieved, I think.
My aim's for after the Blog fest, I guess is to try to do my best to keep posting interesting pieces, to continue to make new friends and to hopefully do well with my books and writing also.
I am still trying to full get to grips with blogger and all it entails, I am terrible at remembering to research good posts and check what everyone is up to and this is something I want to improve with, because I think it's important to stay connected, in order for friendships to grow and flurish.
So there you have it, it's short but it says all I need too.
love and hugs Joss xxx

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  1. I know. i missed the final post yesterday because of computer problems. Ya gotta love technology, right? Anyway, best wishes for you and your book:)