Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Those silly things I do

So it has been one of those days today, where I just seem to keep doing silly things, so first off and by far the silliest thing I have done today, is sign up for CampNaNoWriMo, I mean seriously, what was I thinking, I have three novels to work on, loads to do to help promote Insane Reno, a whole heap of books I promised new authors like myself, that I would read and leave feed back on and am so not letting them down, my son back from his Granny's house on friday and being that he is off for summer holidays for the whole of this month, yeah well you get the idea, then add into that two very mischievious little kittens who like knocking anything and everything off the sides and a border collie pup I am doing service training with, I really think I may have lost the plot and that's not even including cooking meals and housework. Might not complete this Nanowrimo, but I am going to try my best.

second silly thing I did today, was spend about 20 mins trying to type my phone number into a little box online, every time I hit done it would say too many numbers, at last I realised that the kittens little escapade which I am not sure if I told you about or not I will in a sec, but there little escapade, has knocked out some of my number keys in a very strange way now when I hit one or two, I get both and when I hit x I get z too. so now when I use those keys I have to go back and delete the one I didn't want, so annoying especially as one and two also holds speech marks and exclamation marks. fun fun fun.

so the naughty kitten story as promised, well basically here is what happened, Tizzy decided knocking everything  off the sides wasn't nearly fun enough and so decided she should extend her efforts to the vase of flowers on my desk, the ones my hubby brought me to say congrats on getting published, which were really fairing lovely, well Tizzy decided it might be fun to try to jump on these and sent the whole thing flying all over my keyboard and me. She has some jump on her I can tell you. Thankfully the water didn't get close to my computer, but the keyboard and me did not fair quite so well. My only joy is that she got herself very wet too and she was less than impressed by that.

other silly things including, telling someone I had to go, cause I couldn't find my phone, while I was on said phone.

going into the kitchen to get something only to come back without it.

and while playing world of tanks, forgetting that I was in my artillery tank and driving all confident across the field, like I was in my light tank. I did wonder why it was so slow but it wasn't until people started typing in local, artillery what are you doing that I twigged. lol.

I think it is one of those days, I so need more sleep.

I hope your days are going much better than mine love and hugs Joss zxzxzxzx ( i am not deleting that many z's lets just pretend I was drifting off between kisses lol)

P.S. no I am not blonde, however, I was as a child I just don't think it ever left me
P.P.S my sisters have a theory that the females in our family get worse after popping out kiddie winks of our own. That may very well be true lol, marriage may also play a part.


  1. Ha-Ha! sounds like me. Although I didn't go ahead with sign up for Camp NaNo. I have a busy month, with school starting back, so no camp for me.

    Trying to register for an online conference got me rejected because they don't allow spammers. Say what? So, I'm a spammer now? That's a new one, even for me!

  2. lol, life is such a funny thing isn't it. I don't know how just trying to sign up you could be classed as a spammer. Well I got told off today in the facebook group for people in our region who are doing campnano, because my message could have been more words to my novel, I thought a big part of nano was communicating with others lol and helping to give them support and encouragement, some people I guess just like to have a go at others for no reason