Friday, 27 September 2013

Celebrate the small things

It's Friday and that means it's time for Celebrate the Small Things, an awesome blog hop, hosted by Viklits writing blog.

This week, I have a few smaller things to celebrate and one very big thing, but first I want to start with the big thing.

My beautiful boy turned seven today; so, tonight we will be celebrating like crazy with a beautiful cake, made by my wonderful neighbour, who really does make the most mouth-watering chocolate cake ever.

Kye is birthday mad. All year, all we hear from him is, "When is my birthday? How long till my bithday?" And so on and so forth.

This morning, we gave him a present to tide him over until school, but the real celebrations will kick in, once he gets home.

Especially, when he see's the massive gift that arrived in the post today from the lovely Chuck Jolly, who actually edits this site for me. My posts are always far more neat and tidy a few days after they go up, when CJ has had time to give them a clean up.

Chuck likes to live vicariously through Kye, by buying my son all the geek toys that CJ wants for  himself and this time, he has sent Kye a massive box full of Marvel action figures. Kye loves super-heroes and action figures, so he is, no doubt, going to be over the moon, when he sees it. I can't even begin to imagine how much it must have cost, so a really big thank you to CJ.

His cake, as mentioned before, is a chocolate cake. I will get a picture, as he is blowing the candles out. For now, I will say that it has a Moshie monster theme and has white chocolate buttons, around  the sides, and lovely blue icing decorations, as well as a giant, blue Moshie monster to add on, before we bring it in. I cannot thank our lovely neighbour enough for it. Again, Kye is going to be over the moon, when he sees it and even more, I suspect, once he tastes it. Seriously, she really does make the best chocolate cake I have ever tasted.

Another thing to celebrate, to do with his birthday, is the fact that we have managed to get most of the things he asked for this year. With how tight money has been, I am really glad that I started getting his gifts early and continued to purchase them, throughout the year. As a result, he has the wrestling ring and figurines he wanted, lots of Ben 10 stuff, and a huge collection of Gamoti figurines.(I think that's what they're called) That was the gift we gave him this morning to tide him over.

Still staying on the birthday theme, but another little celebration; the school today is having a book fair. What a great day for it to fall on for Kye! As a result, I made a sneaky call to the school and asked them to let him pick out a selection of books. Kye loves books, just like me, and has no idea that he'll be able to get quite a few new ones today, so a nice added surprise for him.

I went out for a really long ride on my scooter with Ludo this morning. I didn't think to take a picture, as we were going along, like I have in the past, but the above picture is an old one from a similar trip out, when both Harley and Ludo came. Ludo is the border Collie and Harley is the mix breed. Harley is a pretty old guy, now, and he suffers from stiff joints; so, when the weather is a bit colder, he isn't able to come with us, as he gets too sore. :(  Still, Ludo and I had fun and the new scooter handled the hills better than the old one.

So, a few small things to Celebrate with this walk:

1) The weather was pleasant, if a little too chilly for Harley to join us.
2) The new scooter, handling the hills and actually doing better than the old one.
3) Getting out again for one of our long walks, after almost a week, stuck indoors.

And this is by far the best one;

4) Ludo, showing just how well behaved he is; as when we were back in the village, a large, black Alsation and a Staffie came flying out of a lady's drive and dived on him. Little Ludo, although startled, stayed calm and didn't fight with them; even though they approached him, at first, very aggressively. Thankfully, once they saw he wasn't going to attack back, they calmed down and were just sniffing him. Their owner, bless her, was very apologetic. It seems her husband had gone out and left the gate open and she hadn't realised. No harm done though. So, a big YAY!!! to Ludo for being such a good boy and a big sigh of relief that the woman's dogs were relatively nice, as well. I guess I should, in this instance, also celebrate the fact that Harley wasn't there; because sadly Harley has a big dog complex and would have turned the situation into a fight.

What else is there to celebrate?

Well, obviously the new scooter, which is amazing, as well as all the stress and worry about that, being over.

We are going to Trethorne Leisure Park, tomorrow, as another birthday treat for Kye.

A forecast tomorrow that says there will be no rain until 7pm; here's hoping they are right.

And finally, the fact that I have had a really productive week, in which I got lots of work done and have taken part in lots of great blog hops, including the amazing Follow Fest, where I got to meet lots of lovely people.

So, there you have it. That's what I am celebrating. How about you?

Love and hugs
Joss xxx

Here are some pics of my beautiful boy, throughout the years, in celebration of his birthday.
A quick note Kye suffered terribly from eczema as a child; so, in some of these pics, that is very evident. It never bothered him, so it shouldn't bother you, :) but you'd be amazed how cruel people can be sometimes. These aren't in any kind of order, but WOW!!! see how he has grown over the years. :)


  1. Happy birthday to your son! Looks like it was a fun-filled celebration :)

    1. THank you Anne, yes he has had a great birthday.

  2. Lovely photos and a massive Happy Birthday to Kye. I'm sure his cake will be far superior to the sheep I attempted to make this week for my daughter's 18th. Still it tasted fine. Enjoy your trip out tomorrow.

    1. Awww thank you Suzanne and I'm sure you cake was awesome :) Happy birthday to your daughter also.

  3. I'm finally getting around to everyone from FollowFest and my blog. I've stalked you everywhere :)

    Kye is such a cutie! Hope he has the best birthday ever!

    1. awwww thank you Carol and thank you for coming and finding me :)

  4. Happy Birthday to your wonderful little guy!!!!!

  5. Liking that pic with the glasses -- hope he had a great birthday!

  6. Oh, what adorable pictures! A belated Happy Birthday to your son, I hope he enjoyed his special day and you all had a great weekend.
    And your dogs are so cute too. <3

    1. awww thank you Julie :) I hope your weekend was great also :)

  7. Hope your son had a great day and you all had a fantastic weekend. It's an Indian summer up here in Scotland, so I hope it's been similar for you!

    1. we've had a bit of rain and drizzle but little spurts of sun too so we had a lovely weekend celebrating his birthday.