Sunday, 22 September 2013

Express yourself


          It’s Monday; well, it will be in a few hours, lol. I am publishing this a little early. It's a productive day. At any rate, Monday means it's time for an Express Yourself post.

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What authors would you love to have lunch with?

Well, my first thought, when I saw this question was all of them. I love talking to other authors and hearing about their work progress; but, then I assumed that might require a space, the likes of which it would be very difficult to find. So, I thought what about a huge banquet hall and just as many writers as we could cram in, but what about those we couldn’t, how mean would I feel then?

So, in the end, I decided that I would try to be a little more specific. I am going to allow myself a party of six. I will be one of the six, because it wouldn’t be me having lunch with them, otherwise. That leaves five writers to pick from the hundreds that I love. That’s a task and a half.

One of my first thoughts was Daphne Du Maurier. Imagine the stories she would have to tell you about her writing career and her time at Jamaica Inn, plus she loves Bodmin moor and was inspired by it, just as I was; however, Daphne Du Maurier is no longer alive. I wouldn’t mind a ghost at the table, but it might make the rest of us feel a little guilty, as she sat and watched us, tucking into a meal, while she just watched on.

The living it is then.

So, I was trying to think about this logically. First, I thought of all the writers I loved. That list; however, proved far too extensive. My conclusion, then; choose those that may be of help with either my current works in progress or future works.

And this is what I came up with:

Terry Pratchett - Not only is he an amazing writer, but he has Alzheimer’s. As I am writing Memory book at present, which is about a man with Alzheimer’s, Terry Pratchett would be able to give me not only writing tips, but his own first-hand experience with the disease. His fantastical worlds would also be fun to explore and dissect, which makes him, at least in my opinion, an awesome dinner companion.

Martina Cole - When it comes to strong characters and tough stories, Martina is an expert. She deals with topics most avoid and her characters are beautifully crafted; so, if I am looking to learn about realistic characters and polish my skills here, even more, then Martina will be another ideal dinner guest.

Jane Wenham Jones - Why? Well, because every party needs some humour and she is one of the funniest writers I know; that and she writes a whole host of amazing books, including books on writing that miraculously make you cry with laughter instead of from boredom, which is rare for educational books. With Jane at my party, I can get lots of great tips and lots of great laughs, as well.

Karen Amanda Hooper - I really need her to publish more of her Sea creature memoir series, preferably before she releases more Kindrily; not because I don’t love her Kindrily books, because I do, but I am a serious addict, when it comes to her Merfolk and Selkies. I’m hoping, if I provide enough alcohol, I’ll be able to get her to agree to, oh, I dunno, another 5 or 6 sea creature memoirs before she gets started on the Kindrily again.

Francine Rivers - Another author, who creates amazingly realistic characters; but the reason for choosing her today is to do with her favoured genre, Christian fiction. In memory book, Charlie struggles with God and faith. His wife, a devoted Christian, passed on her love of God to her son, who went on to become a vicar. Charlie; however, can’t forgive God for not only taking his wife, but allowing her to suffer, so long and painfully, with her cancer. Francine, I am sure, could give me so many great tips about bringing God into a fictional novel on top of character development and the creation of an unforgettable story.

So, there you have it, my five guests for my little dinner party; all picked with care and consideration. Now, there’s a first for me, and Terry Pratchett should be in his element with all these lovely ladies for company. :) 

What writers would you like to have to dinner and why?

Love and hugs,
Joss xx


  1. That's a beautiful pic of Daphne Du Maurier. I didn't know many of the others you mentioned, but I liked what you had to say about them. :-)

  2. I first saw this picture of Daphne Du Maurier when I went to the Jamaica inn museum and thought it was such a nice pic I just had to use it here. I am really glad you enjoyed my post and thank you so much for stopping by. :)

  3. Quite a dinner party. I didn't know that about Terry Prachet. I feel sad as I've enjoyed many of his books.

  4. He is at present still writing. Which is great. I love his books also he is an amazing writer.

  5. That's a wonderful dinner party! I'd love to share a meal with Terry Pratchett too. Stephen King is at the top of my list. Though I think I'd be too nervous to eat!