Saturday, 4 January 2014

The note by Angela Elwell Hunt.


It is not often that I am deeply touched by a book in the way that I was the note. When I picked it up I really wasn't sure what to expect as it was one of my random long ago kindle purchases that I'd brought and forgot about.

The story begins with a plane crashing into the Tampa Bay, after problems cause it to burst into flames. In the crash of flight 848, all 261 passengers and crew are killed.

It is a tragedy of huge proportions and effects people from all over America who tragically lose their loved ones. 

But from the devastating tragedy a little ray of hope falls. In the form of a note, stuffed in a zipped lock bag, written by a father who in his last few moments of life wanted to some how try to reach out andreassure  the child he loved that he had not died still angry at them.

Jump to Peyton MacGruder, a journalist at risk of losing her regular column as the heart healer. Having spent a large portion of her life trying to bury her emotions Peyton is struggling to put feeling into her Column, a column that she took over from a woman who was an expert at expressing her feelings and giving a more open and honest view of herself to her readers.

Given a few weeks to fix sagging ratings Peyton cannot believe her luck when the note ins handed to her by one of her few remaining readers, who had found then note stuck to a post at the end of her garden.

Needless to say the story follows Peyton as she searched fro then rightful recipient of the letter with only the letter T to go on.

meet Angela Hunt the amazing author of The Note
She meets a lot of interesting characters along the way and their stories reached out and either tugged at my heart strings or made me want to murder them lol.

The book also succeeded in keeping me guessing and even earned a "you clever, clever woman," said alloud to the author when, a very clever twist came to play.

It is definitely a book about family relationship and forgiveness and though it is a woman of faith book you do not need to believe in God to enjoy it. Because religion is not thrust down your throat it is a very shuttle side note.
This book really spoke to me for a few reasons. I loved how clean and clear the story was, how well Angela builds her characters and gently guides you through there pain, emotions and character traits

They are damaged, yet beautifully people in their emotional complexity and they really helped bring the book to life for me because they were so belieavble. 

I also connected to the book because of my own troubled relationship with my parents. It made me question how I might feel if they died, given the huge void between us. I know my husband certainly struggled with his fathers death, especially given the nature of his death, because he felt angry that someone had not only taken his fathers life, but crushed Dan's hope that one day, his father would come looking for him, wanting to make amends for past mistakes. 

This book reminded me that life was fleeting and that we need to step up and try harder with the ones who love us. It is well worth a read and I am glad I picked it up at last.

Apparently others enjoyed this book too as it has now been turned into a film here's the trailer enjoy :) beware of spoilers. If you don't like them read it first then watch the trailer :)

So if you are looking for a heartwarming read, then this might be the book for you.

Love and hugs Joss xxx


  1. It sounds beautiful. Goodness, do I have time to add another book to my Everest of TBR's? =)

    1. it was a lovely book I really enjoyed it :)