Saturday, 25 January 2014


So my New Year intent was to be more productive and give more time to my family.
The writing is going better than it was but still not as well as I would like. I really need to stop letting other things distract me so much, but it can be really hard to stay focused at times.

Blogging has been the largest area of neglect, so I really need to fix that. I've just really been struggling for ideas of late, as to what I should blog about. That's never a good thing. I will try harder :) 

Spending more time focused on my family is going much better. I've been making a lot of Apple crumble and plan to knock up an apple and blackberry crumble later, so pics will be added of that. The crumble is so simple to make. So, it's a really easy way to make my boys happy, without causing me to much discomfort with my back. Plus it's doing something nice for them to show them that they matter to me. :) I've also just spent more time in general, having a laugh with them and playing games.

The iPad my hubby got me for Christmas is proving a real blessing  as sometimes sitting up, typing long posts or working on my novels with my laptop can leave me pretty sore, due to my back problems. With the iPad it's very easy to write in a more comfortable place.

I've also started my diet again it began yesterday evening with a healthy salad which was actually very tasty. 

And I was not even slightly jealous when CJ sent me a snap of his very scrummy looking dinner. Please note I did ask him to do so, as I was intrigued to see what this Mexican food he is always going on about, actually looked like. We don't have it in the wilds of rural Cornwall, at least not to my knowledge at any rate. 

As I can't eat this stuff myself now I may have to live vicariously through others. So if you want to leave a descriptive piece of writing in the comments, describing the deliriously Delilicious and oh so calorific meal you had. Please feel free, so that in reading it, I can imagine myself there munching in your place lol.

I have a serious junk food addiction. In the past, when I completely cut out the junk and beat the cravings for it, I enjoyed a weight loss of 8 stone. I believe that's around 100 pounds for the Americans out there but I may be wrong! 
My ideal weight would be 8 stone, so I have a lot to lose. 
I know for someone 5ft8 tall that is probably far to low, but it is the number I have in my head right now. Perhaps before I reach 8, assuming I succeed of course, I will feel that going to 8 stone is not actually a good idea or needed but right now my head is screaming for 8 so we shall see. 

I've had a lot of people ask me why I am choosing to diet the normal way given my current size. They all assume because I am so big that I would just go and get an op to make life easier. 

I know this is going to a hard thing to do and a long, long journey but, I do not see why tax payers should have to pay for my mistakes. That's not to say that people who choose to have a weight loss operation are wrong to do so. They have their reasons I am sure and losing weight is not easy. I just can't justify making others pay for my own stupidity. Plus how much better will I feel about myself if I am able to achieve this on my own. 

If I can do that then surely I can do anything!

Here's hoping I can pull it off and that in doing so it take some of the strain of my poor back. 

So that's what is going on with me right now. What are you guys and girls up to? 

 Loved and hugs 
Joss xxxx 


  1. Good job on your diet, girl! You rock! Surgery masks the problem, won't solve it until you have healthy eating habits to begin with--so kudos, and keep at it! And tell your friend CJ that that's definitely NOT Mexican food :D

    1. Lol, I will tell him. Well that is what I figured with the surgery. If I can't do this on my own, then how can I do it with the surgery. All that will happen is I will slowly stretch my stomach over time again and end up back where I started and feeling even worse because I failed and cost the tax payers a load of money to do so. If I fail this way, at least it is only me I am letting down :) Hugs and thank you for stopping by xx

  2. I also wish you luck on your diet. I'm sure you can do this because you've defined the problem and aren't in denial. But don't beat up on yourself if you slip, just shrug it off as being human and get back on the wagon. Good Luck!

    1. Thank you Kitty, last time I dieted I did very well and got down to the lowest I had been in a long time. By some miracle despite some massive binging over Christmas, I have gained only a couple of pound. That's made me more confident that I can do this and still enjoy the occasional treat. There's a long road a head, but I am determined to get there, even if it is slowly but surely.

  3. Your salad looks yummy, but I must admit I adore Mexican food and your friend's pic looks totally awesome! I've dieted and lost weight many times. It never stays off, so when I retired I said the heck with it. I'll spend my remaining years eating what I darn well please. (But I don't have any serious health problems yet to force me to change.) I think you're very brave and sincerely wish you success with your diet. :)

    1. awww thank you Lexa. Yes, his food did look good. :) I think later in life I will do the same to a degree, but right now, I figure if I want to make it to that point. I should probably focus on getting a little healthier lol.

  4. I think your salad looks far better than the nachos.

    Best of luck with your diet!