Monday, 30 March 2015

Justified by Varina Denman, book review

So I just finished reading Justified by Varina Denman and all I can say is Wow, because I loved this book!

Having read Jaded, the first in the Mended hearts series, I was already pretty hooked on Varina's writing style, and her characters, but I still wasn't prepared for how much this book would resonate with my own thoughts and feelings, in a way that would ultimately help me come to terms with some of my own fears, judgements and inabilities to forgive myself and others.

Which to my mind is exactly what good Christian fiction should do in our day to day lives it is so easy to get sidetracked, to forget to spend time with God and reading Christian fiction is a great way of grounding ourselves and reminding ourselves what is important. Varina does this in a way that you don't feel pressured or forced to see a message about how you should live, but instead, gently guides you to the realisation through the lives and experiences of her characters. A nudge so gentle in fact that you barely know it has happened, until you close up the book, sit back and let out a contented sign and ponder it a while.

I've said it before in my review of Jaded and I will say it again now, Varina is up there with the great Christian writer, Francine Rivers and she has well and truly earned a place in my heart, alongside Francine Rivers as one of my all-time favourite authors. So much, so that all Varina's currently published books have made it onto my wish list, for my birthday in May.

I only wish it were three and I will be excitedly awaiting the release of the third book in her Mended heart series, which I believe is called Jilted.

If you haven't read one of Varina's books you should. Even if you are not a Christina I believe you will get enjoyment from reading the carefully penned words of this brilliant author.

Love and hugs all
Joss xx

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