Saturday, 26 December 2015

Happy belated Christmas!!!!

Hello all, I'm a little late with my Christmas post, but I figure Christmas is the perfect time for forgiveness and so you're getting late wishes, for a grand old Christmas. 

So Christmas Day, how was yours? Ours was good, we enjoyed the morning together and then headed to my mothers for the evening, where I was pleased to discover her roast dinner was as delioucious as I remembered. I also successfully dodged the tucking into Christmas dinner photo, yay me!

My son did really well for himself this year and unwrapped a custom built gaming PC, with a case that's so big he could probably fit inside it, and fancy blue lights. Well, that is his favourite colour after all. Beyond the superficial stuff o can't really tell you to much about it, because when it comes to the inner workings of computers, I'm pretty clueless. For all I know there could be a little mouse running around on a wheel, powering the whole thing. 

Okay, okay so I know there's no mouse because I have actually seen inside, but as far as I'm concerned it was just a mass of coloured wires, box like things and boards covered in all manner of metallic looking blobs and little creepy looking bug like things which I think are called chips, but don't hold me to that. 

Any who, as well as his computer, he also received a whole heap of minion goodies from my mum, a great minecraft jumper from his Godmother and a collection of awesome pirates of the caribian ships, which were a last minute find, by hubby and I and an absolute bargain. 

For hubby it was lots of bloke bits for his steam engine and work shop. 

And me!!!! Well let's just say I was really smiling this year. Alright I'll tell you. 

From hubby my own personalised Marmite jar, for being naughty apparently. Although if that's meant to be a punishment then I really need to be naughty more often. 

Ten, yep ten Michael Morpurgo books. Cause your never too old for Michael Morpurgo. Hehe

And the ultimate of ultimate of ultimate, an incredibly realistic looking Cavalier King Charles teddy. I'm in love!

From others, I received an awesome mug, that reads, "keep calm and read books" better advice there never was hehe, the softest most snuggleble purple blanket, Pj's!!!! Books, galaxy chocolate and a lovely bracelet and top.

It's been a good Christmas spent with my family and we are definitely looking forward to the new year. 

So what did you get this Christmas? Did you have fun? Let me know, because I love seeing people's gifts. Sometimes it gives you great ideas for future gifts hehe. 

Love and hugs all
Joss xx 

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