Friday, 10 May 2013

Friday catch up.

I've noticed that a lot of blogger take the time to talk about there week on a Friday and so I have decided to start doing the same, in order to help get me blogging a bit more.
So this is my official first Friday Catch up.

So we started the week with a beautiful bank holiday Monday. We didn't do much, besides relaxing at home, but it was still a really pleasant day. Sadly our Tuesday was to see that change. We'd noticed Monday night that Kye had started coughing quite a bit and so we got out the Vix vapor rub. That stuff has proved a life saver for us time and time again when it comes to our son, as it helps keep his airways open and stops him getting so bunged up that his asthma just goes mental.
When Tuesday morning came however, Kye was in a terrible state. He was sick all over his bed and his wheezing was so bad we were about ready to pack our bags and head to the hospital.
More Vix was applied, his pumps were taken and we waited with baited breath to see if they would have any effect. Thankfully they did but only brought it down enough that we felt for the time being hospital could be avoided.
Now, normally when Kye is sick like this my husband will stay home with us just encase, but having been off a whole week himself very recently for norovirus, this was just not an option, as we needed his wages in full this week.
So, for the first time ever, I found myself at home alone with my son when he was very very ill. First thing i did was call my mum, as she would be my back up if Kye needed to get to the hospital fast. Calling Dan or his works office if he had no signal, so that they could go and find him and inform him that me and Kye were on our way to the hospital. Not driving myself, I would need to call an ambulance, so Dan would have to follow after us in the car.
I got Kye's things packed ready to go just encase and then spent the day closely monitoring him  and trying to keep him quiet, calm and occupied.
To my relief, by lunchtime he was improving to more comfortable levels and looking a lot better if still not anywhere near close to a hundred percent.
He has now been home all week, this horrible cold that I now also have, is only just relinquishing it's hold on him, and allowing him to breath at a pace that means he can move around a little more.
So my week has been mostly about caring for him and administering vix and his pumps.
I did have a visit from my mum yesterday. It was her birthday on Wednesday and mine is tomorrow. So we just had a catch up and she help me get somethings done around the house that I was struggling with due to my disability and it was just a really nice day.
I've also been reading a lot and playing minecraft.
But my latest addiction is a program called switched at birth. It's fictional drama, about two girls who are switched at birth. One of them is deaf and so it throws up all kinds of interesting story lines and plot twists. As the families try to get to know each other, and there biological daughters/parents/siblings in the case of the brother. As well as the girls trying to figure out who they might have been and dealing with the jealousy that arises between them all.
I haven't gotten into a program this much in ages.
So as I mentioned earlier it is my birthday tomorrow. The last birthday of my 20's, as I will be 29. I'm not liking that much and keep focusing on the fact, unwillingly that I will be 30 next year. Yikes!
So would very much like everyone's assurance or at the very least little white lies, about 30 being fabulous lol. To help me get through this lol.
Last of all we had a letter this week informing us that our 21 thousand will soon be in the bank. This is great as it means we will finally be able to finish, renovating our home. Happy days.
I Hope you've all had a lovely week.
Love and hugs
Joss xxx

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