Friday, 17 May 2013

Friday catch up

So it's time for my Friday catch up.
See how good I'm getting, because this is the second one in a row. woop woop!! Ok, so it's only the second Friday since I started this, but for me, not missing it even once is amazing.

So what have I been up to. Well I have been working hard studying for my degree in English Language and Literature. It's definitely a challenge and I still haven't quite come to terms with the fact, that I actually past the grammar part of the course, but I am actually enjoying it. I'm also nearly half way through the course woop woop! So, YAY ME!!! ( be sure to note all my bad use of grammar, sorry with grammar it's just in one ear and out the other. Just makes no sense to me, but it's ok cause I am just gonna blame my dyslexia. Bad dyslexia shame on you.

I have as well, been taking the time to blog very regularly. Which I have really impressed myself with. As well as really putting time and effort into coming up with interesting and I hope a little bit thought provoking pieces, for your entertainment.
Be sure to have a look if you have time and I'd really appreciate some comments. Although the emails I've received on my blog posts, have been lovely also. :) I am a little tired of looking like little miss unpopular lol.

My lovely Kye Kye, is better and back at school which is a major yay! It's never fun when your child is really sick after all. Especially to the point that hospitalization is becoming a serious possibility bless him. However, he is now very much his boisterous, mischievous, refusing to stop growing self. Where did my little cute, snuggled in my arms baby go?

What else. Hum, well I have been minecrafting as well. Build a pretty swirly lighthouse, that actually works. Again!! Yay me!!! but it lagged the server somewhat. As well as learned to copy my builds from one area to my current building area. Which means all my fav builds are together now. Grampie, (you know him best as my editor, even though he never edits this blog lol.) is working on an awesome project at the moment, in the form of warehouse 13. I will get some pics up for you of both my builds and his build soon.

I also had a bit of surprise yesterday and a good one but I am keeping that to myself for now. Hehe!!! I know I am an evil temptress.

I also have my hubby's bday coming up this Sunday. Thankfully he doesn't do reading and has certainly never even bothered to visit my blog :( so I can tell you that I got him an awesome stig from top gear cake lol.
I opted for candles that spell out happy birthday through, as the thought of counting out 33 candles was to much for me to bare.
Although given that he stuck 30 on my cake instead of 29 because he knew how unhappy I was that this was the last birthday of my twenties. I should have just gone all out and spelled out you old git on the top of his cake. Hmmm I wonder how many candles that would take.

And of course yes my bday, was last Saturday and I have yet to tell you how it went. Well the aforementioned old git, went all out with champagne and a surprise visitor, and we had a very entertaining night.
The gifts were all lovely, including my new lappy, which I love, love, love. Compliments of the old git. (I know he isn't seeming all that gittish at the moment, but trust me moments like this are rare. Normally he loves being a git lol.
Also in the gift department, was an awesome massage chair thingy majig, (I dunno what you call it) compliments of Grampie, that is pretty pleasant as long as you don't switch it to auto. Honestly, never ever, switch it to auto. I swear, if you do you'll be black and blue and feel like you did five rounds with Mike Tison. (I think I spelt that wrong but oh well)
It even has heat. OOOOoooooooooo Heat. Gotta love heat.
This was seriously a very thoughtful gift, except for the auto function and I'm hoping as I am sure Grampie was when he purchased it, that the heat function will ease my back ache just as well as the heated seats in our new car hehe.
OMG!!!! I love that car.

Anywho, I won't bore you going through all my gifts, but felt those two deserved a special mention, I even have some more to come still. EXCITED!!!!

So all in all it has been a pretty relaxed but pleasant week.

The weeks fails include:

Turning off my laptop mouse, so I didn't keep hitting it by accident and then forgetting constantly that I did so. I've lost count of how many time's I've tried to use the thing now.

Forgetting to put the furnace out on my ironmongery build on minecraft, before moving it from no fire spread zone, to zone where fire could spread. Ya Huh. Some extensive rebuilding was needed.

Taking out a whole load of blocks because I thought I couldn't lay tracks on them, in minecraft, only to discover that the reason I couldn't place the track, was because I was trying to lay ladder flat, not tracks. (I know, shakes head)

losing track of time and then screaming omg I'm late at a bewildered Grampie while I bolted for the door. Hay, I still beat the bus. JUST!!!

and last but definitely far from least. Spending twenty minutes looking for my lost phone, when my friend finally asked what are you looking for. Only to point out that my current method of contact with her, was via the said lost phone, that was and had been for the whole twenty minutes pressed against my ear. GRRRRRR!!!
just please tell me I am not the only person to do this, because this is far from the first time that I have.

Well love and hugs all and wishing you an awesome weekend.
Joss xx

p.s please note that my Friday catch up post do no justice to my normal blog posting style and are always just a bit random and rambling. hehe. 

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