Friday, 17 May 2013

The extreme and, at times, somewhat bizarre weddings

So what pops into your mind when you think wedding?
Is it all romance and love? Pretty flowers and stunning locations? Or do you think, "I know! I'll get married while hanging in the air, from hooks that are embedded into my flesh?"
Come on admit it, it's the last one isn't it. No! Really? Well okay then.

Personally the thought of having hooks embedded in my back at any time seems less than appealing, but this is actually what one couple choose for their wedding day.

I'm never keen to share pictures any more for fear of copyright, but here's a link to a page that does have an image of the happy, and I'm sure, somewhat sore couple. Check out the brides hair too.

So what is it with this new craze for the extreme when it comes to weddings.
Because it seems as if there is no limit to what you can do.

For example:

Are you worried you're going to feel all fat and frumpy on your wedding day. Well theirs a wedding for that. Yep a zero gravity one.

For just $18,000. You can go on a spew inducing zero gravity ride and get wed at the same time. What more could you want on your wedding day, than to feel lighter than air while you float around in your guest vomit. Nice!

If you prefer a little free falling on your wedding day. You might want to try bungee jumping or skydiving. Just make sure you say your I do's quick, because if you take to long, it might be the best day and the worst day all rolled into one. But no worries, chances are you won't live long enough to regret it all that much.

What do you do however, if you are not a fan of free falling, piecing hooks, or spew inducing zero gravity rides?

Do you just settle for the plain old norm? No! God forbid, why oh why would anyone want normal. When you can say your vowels under water. You might have to wait until you surface, for that first marital kiss though.

Not wild enough, well you could spice it up, by being in a shark infested tank, protected of course by an always romantic metal cage.

Perhaps you're worried about your bridal attire? Why bother? Who needs clothes anyway. Yep, that's right, you can even get married in the nude. Just don't expect everyone to show up for your big day, if your planning on making the whole affair a no clothes zone. I certainly won't be there.

Ok, so I get that people want there wedding days to be different. I get that maybe you want people to remember your day over all the other weddings they might get invited too.
But do we seriously need to go to such extremes for that to be the case.

Am I alone in not understanding the fascination with these rather bizarre wedding day choices?
It just seems to me as if there is nothing people won't do on their wedding day any more.

While researching for this blog post. I saw all kind of strange and unusual things. Like a bride who decided she just had to break the world record for the longest dress. A groom who spent a years salary buying 999,999 red roses, which he then decorated a whole fleet of cars with and a woman who married a copse. Yes you heard me a copse. Actually that one was a pretty sweet story, believe it or not.

You see she and her sadly dead lover, were engaged to be married, when he was cruelly beaten to death by a pack of thugs. This man was apparently a great dad and partner and a really nice guy, which I suppose is made clear by the fact that even though he was no longer able to actually say I do, his misses wanted to marry him anyway.
Although I am slightly confused by how this exactly worked, I think her devotion is sweet, none the less.

So weddings have had a tendency to be, for some, a chance to show off and stand out for a long time. But is this taking it all a bit far? Or are these people, in reality just being true to themselves?

I don't know for sure, but I know that personally, I'd choose something a little less dramatic were I to wed again and that's not to say I am not open to some less than traditional ideas. In fact the idea of a Vegas drive through wedding. (yes you heard me) is not without it's appeal. I mean just think about it. It's won't cost you the price of a family home, you don't even have to get our of your car, and you're all set and ready for your reception. Cause you know, you should continue the whole drive through theme and head for the nearest Mc D's.

Check it out here. (the drive through wedding, not Mc D's.

Now come on, you gotta admit that does look like fun.

Whatever you wedding choice, just try to remember the most important thing. Love! Because ultimately isn't that what a wedding is supposed to be about.

I worry that sometimes, people forget that, in the chaos that comes with trying to plan your own, personal idea of a perfect wedding.

So whether you opt for something crazy, some fancy dress, or a specific theme. I hear star wars is quite popular.

Just try to remember that it's love, not one-up-manship on your friends. That's meant to be the focus of the day.

Love and hugs Joss xx

P.s. I'd love to hear your idea's and thoughts for an extreme wedding, or perhaps a not so extreme wedding.
And also, what's the best and worst wedding choices, you've ever seen.
Take care all.  

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