Friday, 14 June 2013

Friday Catch up.

Wow!!! It's already that time again. Well I have had a pretty uneventful week. Mostly it has been spent working, doing some singing with friends and playing a little minecraft.
Well when I say writing, I mean staring at the computer screen and just being completely stuck. Am in a real funk at the moment on my current novel.
I just have this one chapter that refuses to go right and it is driving me bonkers.
Do you ever have chapters or pieces of writing like that? Where you know what you want to do with it, but no matter how you lay it out on the page it just doesn't read right.
I've no plans for the weekend either, so a really uneventful week.
The weather has gone from beautifully sunny to incredibly windy and grim.
Talking of wind. My son's grandmother purchased him a trampoline last Christmas. One of those giant ones with the netting around it. My hubby wasn't best pleased when he heard about it, as he is a window fitter and has frequently had to replace glass that was smashed out when strong winds caught hold of these things.
I can't say I was overly pleased either, as you look out now and all you can see is this thing blocking the view. Well a few months back out worst nightmare happened with this thing. The wind caught it and even though we had it strapped down, threw it across out garden and it smashed into our front porch. Thankfully the way it hit, didn't break the glass, however, when I tried to get out I couldn't as one of the bars had wedged itself under the door handle.
Now. at the time I couldn't get out of the back of the house as my husband had blocked the gateway with one of his motorbikes. Being disabled there was no way I could climb through a window either. My back just wouldn't take it. So I had to ring my husband and then pray he got back before it was too late. As the trampoline was slowly being pulled free from the door and it's next stop was going to be my husbands very expensive Skyline.
My husband got her just in the nick of time grabbing hold of the trampoline just as it slipped out.
That was a close one.
Still we kept the thing strapping it down even more this time and until now we have been lucky. However, tonight, it started to go again. Thankfully being close to the fence we heard it crash against it and hubby was able to run and out and throw some extra weight on the thing.
But now we have a dilemma.
We can see the damage that could be done to our car, windows, or even a neighbours house by this thing and don't want to take chances. Given that it wasn't something we were even happy to have in the first place. We really want to get rid.
Our son has used it maybe 3 times since we had it. Which means it is pretty much a useless item, but what do we say to his Gran and Aunt if we get rid.
Should we offer it back to them first to see if they want it, or just get rid and say we have stored it away for a while?
All I know is the thing is more trouble than it is worth.
So Friday for me ends with a dilemma but hopefully one we will figure out soon.
love and hugs Joss xx
P.S. hope you have a pleasant weekend xx


  1. Yeah, I think I'd offer her to take it back. If she didn't want it, I'd put sell it! If that didn't work, I'd donate it. Good luck, seems like it was quite an adventure. Hopefully grandma will know to contact you before making such a "big" purchase. :) Writer’s Mark

  2. Yes, I hope so. Just feel terrible as I know she was just trying to do something nice for her grandson. bless her. :)