Friday, 21 June 2013

Celebrate the small stuff.

So another Friday is here and another celebrate the small stuff I have quite a few small things to celebrate this week.

First off, good times:

 I have had some really fun times this week with my family. On Wednesday I went with my husband and son to the local beach at Bude. Where we enjoyed the sunshine and also sat for a while in the car park while Kye worked on getting the hang of riding his new bike and Dan played with his big petrol remote control car. It might not have been all that peaceful but it was indeed good times. Then today my husband surprised me having booked a day off work and we headed out to Boscastle for a lovely full English breakfast. Yummy!!! At the Boscastle farm shop and cafe. It was our first time going there, and it was absolutely amazing. They have all local products and beautiful views while you eat. I am just sad that we didn't go there sooner. Especially given how close it is to our home.

my second celebration is for family laughter, chaos and noise:

There are times when the chaos and noise of a loud family can get a bit much and have you begging for mercy. But the reality is that it's not a bad thing. In fact I think it is something to be celebrated. Nothing makes me smile like watching my boys messing around, laughing and having fun. Dan is such and amazing father and is always playing silly games with our son. So I am very lucky to have a house that is full of noise and fun. I couldn't imagine life without it and I'm not sure I want to :)

third celebration is for Asda home delivery.

Every Friday our food arrives at our door in the hands of a lovely asda man or women, requiring us only to unpack it. Which not only  save's us a trip to a busy supermarket but the stress that goes with it. Okay, so sometimes there are substitutes and sometimes the food that comes isn't quite up to your standards, but they are very good at refunding or redelivering troublesome items and compared to the stress of going to the supermarket, it is a a lot more of a  happy process. So I want to celebrate the easy shopping that Asda home delivery brings.


I am so so lucky to live in Cornwall it is a beautifully stunning place, with so much to see and do right on our doorstep.
Everyday people fork out months of hard earned and hard saved money to come and visit Cornwall for just a week, while I get to live here on a perminant basis. Now, if that isn't something to celebrate I don't know what is.

my final Celebration for this week is boxes of smarties:

OMG! I love boxes of smarties. I don't know why but smarties always seem to taste better out of  the little boxes with the paper bags of smarties inside. Heaven and I got me some of these this week as my final treat before the dreaded diet begins on Monday.

Well that's my celebrations for the week, what's yours ??

love and hugs Joss xxx


  1. Such wonderful things to celebrate and you DO live in a beautiful place! Simply breathtaking :) I'm a new GFC follower on your blog.

    Meredith’s Musings

  2. What great celebrations. A house full of noise and fun is a great celebration! And now I want some smarties.

  3. Awww thank you both for stopping by and leaving comments. I'll be sure to return the favour in the morning and pop over to your blogs. Also thank you for becoming a follower Meredith I really appreciate it. For now though I am off to bed, as am absolutely shattered xx night night where ever you are :)

  4. Some of my best places and memories are near and at home. We don't have to travel far. Have a good writing week!