Sunday, 9 June 2013

Internet chaos, friday catch up and celebration post all rolled into one.

After several weeks of dodgy internet connection, I am so happy to finally be back and blogging. We've had so many problems with our BT connection of late that I was feeling a little angry when I saw the new BT add in which, the guy is proclaims that it can't be his computer making the webcam judder because he has BT.
LIAR!!! is now hissed angrily under my breath every time it's on and I am filled with the sudden urge to hurl a brick at the TV. Thankfully sense has overruled frustration every time, however, and my TV is still safely in one piece.
Still touch wood for a few days now I have had no problems and I am praying that it stays that way.
One thing that has come out of this, is the realisation of just how much I rely on the internet. I ruse it for entertainment, to socialise and keep up today with my friends, for news, research and countless other things.
Once upon a time I didn't even know what the internet was and yet now, I cannot imagine life with out it and struggle to cope when it is gone.
This also made me think about all the other things I didn't have growing up, that I couldn't bare to live without now. My mobile for instance, a computer full stop. The computer is probably the most scary, because I could not imagine going back to writing all my stories by hand now, the very thought makes me want to weep.
So having missed quite a few Friday catchups since my internet hell began, I am going to include both in this one post, beginning with the celebrations.

The internet: Oh how I love thee. Thank you for putting the world at my finger tips and please don't run away from me again, I am not sure I could cope without you as my constant friend.

My phone: Yes you've been temperamental of late. With poor signal and refusal to charge until I spoiled you with a power mat and new power mat case, but I readily accept that it may be the result of my own lack of care. I did after all drop you in a bucket of water, throw you across the drive (accidently) while swinging my arms a little to excitedly on exiting the front door, and there has been the 3 or 4 possibly more times that I accidental left you in the fridge. Yet still after such bad abuse you keep me organised and in touch with everyone I love and so I celebrate you too little Iphone, and I will celebrate you little friend Iphone 5 who will be coming shortly to relieve you of your duties so you may rest in peace, in the back of my old mobile phone draw.

My collection of pc's, this lovely laptop I type on now. My adorable net book and my great hulking computer. Thank you for saving me from writers cramp, piles of scrunched up paper and hours of tantrums the result of having to write out the same page 20 times lol. As well as for connecting me with my beloved internet.

Amazon: how I have missed Amazon. With it's oodles of bargains delivered next day right to my door, including copious amounts of books, direct to my kindle.  Never leave me again.

Kindle: My faithful unwavering companion in this terrible time of internet abandonment. I love you too.

So those are the things I wish to celebrate for this week and the weeks that I have been unable to post, yay!!! all of you.

Now for Friday Catch up.
Well mostly I have been reading  and playing Sims 3, since I lost the internet. However, I did also complete my degree in English language and literature. Something I still cannot quiet believe. Me, scatterbrain little me with a diploma. It's just weird. I probably should have celebrated that above, but oh well, I'll just do a little happy dance here instead.

I also managed to score another one of my neighbours amazing chocolate cakes. OMG!!! her cakes are just like melt in the mouth heaven. They are selling there house at the mo, and the side of our house was in need of a fresh coat of paint, so to help them we have got it painted. In fact are in the process of as I speak. For hubby is out there now getting it finished off. So yay chocolate cake. Although I seriously do not want her to move, due to love of her chocolate cakes, I do feel that it may be very beneficial to my waist line if she does. So we've opted to be nice and save my waist line, verses mean and keep the heavenly chocolate cake. :(

Kye has had a few small asthma attacks but nothing to serious so that's a big bonus; however, poor hubby is suffering terribly with hay fever right now bless him. I feel so sorry for people who get that, all winter you have to contend with colds and then with the summer months when most of us catch a break, they get the sniffles and sneezing because of pollen. no fun.

We enjoy the week off from school too over half term, especially as Dan (hubby) had sneaky booked the week off so we could all be together. So it was great fun.

And we also got a new Dog!!!

ok so he is kinda plasticie but still cute lol.

This week Kye was all obsessed with the activity that was going on at the top of our road. Big lorries shifting loads and I do mean loads of skips around. We snapped this shot, for him to remember it by. ( i will show you once I stop throwing my phone across the floor. I'm such a mean iphone owner, sorry iphone)
well I think that pretty much covers everything although with my memory there are bound to be things I've missed.

Hope you are all well.
love and hugs
Joss xxx

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