Monday, 17 June 2013

express yourself

Another Monday another express yourself and I am currently doing this with two of my fingers strapped as I had to go and break my little finger the other day grrr.
Any who, I am still managed to touch type pretty well, other than being a little slow on the left side, but it could be worse.

So for those of you who don't know express yourself is a weekly meme (I believe that's the correct term although I've no idea exactly what it means) in which we have to answer a question put forward by co hosts Dani and Jackie. The question today is: What are some questions you get asked again and again?

Well one question that up until recently was the most common, was "Did that hurt?" Referring to my lip piecing. The answer to that if you are interested is no. You just feel a weird kind of tugging feeling. Any who the reason it is one I don't get asked any more is because I recently lost the lip ring. It was kind of a trade off with a friend. You see he hated my lip ring and I hated his napping. So he agreed to stop napping if I lost the lip ring. I figured what the heck we all have to grow up sometime right and surprisingly I'm not missing it all that much. Which I never thought I would say as I swore that thing would be attached to me for life lol.

Other questions I get asked are.

What kind of dog is that?
in Reference to my Blue Merle Border Collie, Ludo.

Is he vicious?
In Reference to this big old goof above, who is the most gentle dog you could ever hope to meet. his name Hooch.

Why? by my son. Needs no explanation I am sure.

Are you always this crazy? answer Yes lol.

Can I have some sweets? also compliments of son.

and finally, What's it like to be a published author? Still haven't quite figured out an answer to this one, other than strange lol.

Well I'm off to bed to dream away till morning.
night night all
love and hugs
Joss xxx


  1. I had a labret! I had to take it out, it kept cutting into my gums and scrapping my teeth. My kids loved to bump it. After several years I took it out. Getting my tongue done hurt more.

  2. Your pups are gorgeous!
    My sons ask the "why" questions, too. Lol