Sunday, 9 June 2013

express yourself.

So I just came across a new blogfest type thing. That is all about expressing yourself and getting to know your fellow bloggers. How it works is each week you get asked a question and you answer it. Pretty simple right.
This weeks question is: What could you eat everyday and not grow tired of it?

I'll get to my answer in a moment but first I just want to get you hooked up with where you can find the linky link, for this blogfest. You may need to scroll down a bit but you will find the linky link for it here somewhere Linky link express yourself

You would think after all this time blogging I would be much better with all this technical stuff.
So what could I eat everyday and not grow tired.
Well I know if I was smart I would say something that has lots of different flavours so I'd never get bored. I'm not smart! however, I am an addict, and addict to hot pockets. Now, I know what you are thinking, and yes there are many hot pocket flavours. But for me it's all a little bit more specific than that. For me the only good hot pocket is a cheese and ham hot pocket. oh my God, absolutely love, love, love these things.
Now time for the sad news. They no longer sale them anywhere near me. So my all time fav food is a big no no any more.
Yet still if I had the chance I could live off these tasty pastries filled with scrummy melted cheese and ham.
love and hugs Joss


  1. Hot Pockets sound yum! I don't think we have anything like that over here. The closest I can think of is a toasty cheese sandwich!

  2. oh they are so scrummy. I used to get them from ASDA here in the UK, but then they suddenly stopped selling them. Now, sadly I can't find them anywhere and I miss them so bad. :)