Friday, 1 November 2013

Celebrate the small stuff.

It's Friday and that means it's time for another Celebrate the Small Stuff. YAY!!!!

I've got lots to celebrate this week, too.

1) NaNoWriMo has begun; hence the lateness of this post. Apologies, but at least it is still Friday, so that's a plus. Things are no doubt going to be late on a regular basis on my blog, due to NaNo, but I will get there in the end, so please be patient with me.

2) I am also celebrating my dear Hooch's return to health. Well, I say return to health. He still has some pretty nasty stuff going on internally that ultimately does mean his life-span is now limited, but for now he is doing better and putting weight on, eating, and even playing. Every extra day, week or month we get with him is a blessing.

3) Game night. My husband and I bought a load of games this week and are having a game night tonight. He is currently watching Big Bang Theory, so I've nipped on here to do this, but we will be back to the games shortly. I am really excited about game night, as we got the new Word Search game, which I really badly wanted and I have to say it is awesome. We also got Phase Ten, classic Dominoes and have pulled out some of the games we already had.

4) One of the biggest celebrations has to be for the the 21 grand, now sitting in our bank account. Feels like we have been waiting an age for this to come through and we can now finally get our house done up.

5) New sofa. This weekend we are going to be picking up our new sofa. I've missed snuggling so bad.

6) The vole that outwitted our cat. Our cat is terrible for taking mice, voles and other small mammals into the bath, where she pretty much torments them like crazy. Tonight, as I was having a bathroom break, a vole clambered out of the plug hole, unscathed, if a little shaken. Clever vole. Maybe Tizzy will stop taking them into my bath now. :)

7)It's Friday and that means the weekend YAY!!!!

Happy weekend all. What are you celebrating?

Love and hugs Joss xx

For those of you who don't know, Celebrate the Small Stuff is an awesome blog hop, hosted by The Vikilit's writing blog.  It enables the blogger community to come together every Friday and check out what everyone is celebrating this week. If you want to join in or find out what others are celebrating, just click the link (in blue above) and sign up to the linky link on the Viklit's blog.  :)


  1. Game night sounds like a lot of fun!

    Good luck with NaNo--I'm participating this year as well. My username is LaraLacombe if you want to be writing buddies!

  2. I am doing NaNo Too. Plus I love phase 10 :)

    ~ Rhonda, celebrating at Laugh-Quotes

  3. Hurrah for Nano and your doggie feeling better and the cunning vole ;)

  4. Go NaNo! May those words flow freely!

    I also nominated you for the Liebster Award (if you're able to squeeze it in.)

  5. So much to celebrate! Hope this week has been as wonderful as last week.

  6. What a sweet Rottie! Hope your Hooch responds to his meds but surely to your care. But those "gifts" of your Tizzy must be something else! At least, she doesn't let them loose in the living room.
    Thanks for sharing your pets with us.