Monday, 18 November 2013

quality time.

I am sorry that I have been missing a lot of my weekly blog post of late. As some of you will know my Rottie has been very unwell and I have been spending a lot of quality time with him. He is 13 years old which is a really good age for a Rottie and has problems internally. Antibiotics seemed to pick him up for a little while but sadly he has really gone down hill in the last couple of hours and there is a very real chance that he will not be coming home with us. When he goes to the vets later. 
The vet hasn't actually come out and said it, but he did say that he felt that it was best to wait until my husband came home to give him some quality time with hooch before he was brought in. When I expressed that I was willing to pay for the vet to come to us right away. Which to me seem like a bad sign. I am really hoping that I am wrong but we were warned by the vet that he probably didn't have to much time left. 

So instead of doing an express yourself post today as I ought too. I wanted to take the time to talk about Hooch, because I am worried should we lose him tonight it will be too hard to do so after he is gone. 

Hooch is a pure bred Rottweiler. There are two kinds of Rottweiler ones that are bred as heard dogs and ones bred to guard. Hooch was bred from hearding stock so is very tall and strong. Where as the guard tend to be shorter and more rounded we have had both types in our family and they are both amazing and very similar in character. If raised right. 

We got Hooch when he was around 6 years old. He came from Kent where I was born. We were up visiting my mum who lived there at the time when we went to have a look at him. 

He has grown up along side my son and has been so patient and gentle with Kye allowing him to climb all over him and even ride  on his back like a horse with never a complaint or a grumble. He adores kids and is incredibly patient with them. 

His previous owners had come into financial difficulties and had to move into a smaller home where they did not have the space for Hooch. They were amazing owners and brought him up to be such a lovely dog and I can't not thank them enough for letting us have him as a part of our family. 

While he has been with us he has given us a lovely litter of puppies, with the help of our other Rottie we had Lady. Who was also a babe. He was a wonderful daddy. Very patient with the pups and they were eight bundles of mayhem :) 

He has also put up with out little border collie Ludo when he was going through his puppy stages. gnawing on his ears and jowls and generally jumping all over him without any complaint and has kept ludo amused for hours each day. 

He has been there through some really tough times in our life and was always ready and willing to come have a cuddle when we needed it and to just be quietly by our sides through it all. 

He has been the best gift we could ever ask for and saying goodbye to him will be one of the hardest things we ever have to do. 

So today we will wait with baited breath to see if our old boy will be coming home with us tonight or not but whatever happens he will always be in our hearts because he is truly an amazing dog. 

love and hugs all Joss xx

ps. Please keep our poochie in your prayers today. Thank you. 

Love you hoochie poochie xx


  1. Sorry to hear about your lovely Hooch. I know how hard it can be to say goodbye. We lost our lovely cat Buttons back in September and I still expect to see her curled up on the sofa. Will be thinking about you.

  2. Thank you. He was sadly put to sleep tonight. Absolutely devastated he was such an amazing dog. So sorry for you loss too. They become such a big part of your family it's so heartbreaking.