Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Dangerous depths release day YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is the release day for the amazing Dangerous Depths, the second book in the sea monster memoirs series. Being a huge fan of Tangled Tides, the first in the series, I am overjoyed to at long last be able to get my hands on the second installment and highly recommend that you read both Tangled Tides and Dangerous Depths if you are looking for some brilliant reads.

Being part of the release day tour is an absolute honour as I can think of no book I could possibly want to help promote more.

You should have seen my happy dance when I found out I was getting the ARC of Dangerous Depths. My husband thought I had lost the plot lol. Anywho, without further ado, lets get on with the promoting.

Dangerous Depths by Karen Amanda Hooper.

Hell hath no fury like a selkie separated from his true love.

The gate to the sea creature realm is finally open. Rownan assumes the worst is behind him when he returns home after years of waiting to be reunited with his wife, Vienna. Only to find out that Vienna didn’t wait for him. She traveled to the evil realm of Harte years ago, hoping the legend of another gateway to Earth’s realm was real, but she was never heard from again. Rownan claimed he’d go through hell to be with Vienna, and now he must prove it.

Yara wanted to bask in the glow of her happily ever after in the magical realm of Rathe. She planned to explore Medusa and Poseidon’s world and dive deeper into her relationship with Treygan, but as the new leader of Rathe, her powers are needed to save more than one member of her own kind. Treygan vowed to always be Yara’s guardian, but long ago he also swore to go any lengths to protect his brother Rownan. Now, he must fulfill his promise to both of them.

Rownan, Yara, and Treygan are about to put their lives and souls at risk by traveling to the most dangerous realm of the worlds. Love should conquer all, but no one has ever conquered Harte.

About the Author:
Karen was born and bred in Baltimore, frolicked and froze in Colorado for a couple of years, and is currently sunning and splashing around Florida with her two beloved dogs. She's addicted to coffee, chocolate, and complicated happily-ever-afters.

Karen has been making up stories for as long as she can remember. Due to her strong Disney upbringing, she still believes in fairy tales and will forever sprinkle magic throughout all of her novels.

Author Links:
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Credit where credit is due. This Amazing blog tour has been hosted by: Enticing Journey Book Promotions 

I hope you enjoy this amazing book as much as I did. It is truly one of my best reads of 2013.

Love and hugs, Joss xx

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