Monday, 5 May 2014

A to Z reflections 2014

So here is May, in fact we are a few days into may now and A to Z challenge is done, dusted and a pleasantly fading memory. I say pleasantly for although I loved doing it, April was a difficult month for me emotionally and there were times when I really didn't think I would be able to complete the challenge. 

Had it not have been for the people waiting so patiently for their dogs to go up, or the rescue charities that I had promised to feature, I would have bailed out for sure. 

It wasn't the most successful A to Z challenge for me and that is because you get out of A to Z what you put in and I really wasn't up to putting much in this year, due to the loss of a close friend who sadly passed away and the mental break down of another. 

I will at some point try to get around to checking out others posts, but I am still not quite up to that yet. Although I am back to reading everyone's current posts and commenting as well. 

I hope your A to Z challenge went as you hoped. I doubt I will be participating in the A to Z in the future, this year has left me far to drained, but never say never right. 

Love and hugs all 
Joss xx


  1. My sympathies to you and your friend's family. Don't worry about how the Challenge went. Take some time for yourself. And you're right, never say never!