Saturday, 24 May 2014

May in the Solheim household

Well, I promised yesterday, that I would be back again today and posting about what my family and I have been up to, so far this month.

Well May is always a big birthday month in the Solheim household, not just because Dan and I both grow one year older, but because several of our family and friends do too. Including my Nan, my mum and my awesome bestie, Sammy.

So Happy Birthday everyone!!


As you do for birthdays we planned some fun days out. My birthday fell first and Dan took me off on a drive around Cornwall, a magical mystery tour if you will, but it was no ordinary tour, oh no! Dan took me to several of the locations that were the inspiration and settings for some of Daphne Du Maurier's books. Such as the house on the strand and Jamaica Inn. I adore Daphne Du Mauriers work and so I was over the moon with excitement and squealed like a school girl when I saw a sign informing us that we were entering du Maurier country.

It was an amazing day out and a nice reminder to get out more and explore the beautiful county I am so privileged to call home. Gotta love Cornwall. 

For Dan's bday it was a day out to digger land. The weather was glorious and digger land is amazing, especially their stunt show. My mum joined us on this trip and a great day was had by all, even if mum did get a little sick on the Spin-dizzy lol. Feeling sick not actually up chucking you'll be pleased to know. Lol

I did good for pressies too. An awesome very bright and colourful kitchen knife set from the in-law's and this amazing custom cake that completely blew me away.

A Beautiful necklace from my mum, that has a J on the front and proud author Jossie xx, inside.

A great box set of books from Sammy, some money from my Dad and from my hubby and son. Well la few things actually, a years subscription to Grammerly, bless them, an indoor bunny complete with indoor/outdoor run, lots of toys and a soon to arrive playmate, just waiting for the baby bunnies to be big enough to sex, so we don't end up with babies. So until dandelions new playmate arrives, here's Dandelion for you too Awwww over. :)


Also an extra and really special and unexpected gift from my hubby is this: 


Not long after we met my hubby brought me a bracelet exactly like this and every time something special happened in our life he would add a charm. A few months ago. My little terror of a son, got hold of my charm bracelet and in his bid to see how it was all connected together proceeded to completely pull it apart and destroy it. He then hid the broken bits away so that by the time we found it a couple of the charms had been lost; however, most thankfully, were found. Dan, bless him, went above and beyond because he didn't just replace the bracelet, he found one exactly the same asthe one my son had broken and brought it for me. Now all we have to do is take the charms in and get them reattached. How a amazing is my hubby. :) 

So as you can see it has been a pretty great month so far. What about you? Are you having a good May? 

Love and hugs Joss 

P.S. An extra little May giggle for you. Hubby and the Mini quad, it's to funny.


  1. What great gifts! Love the cake and the jewelry. Awesome!
    Oh, and I want the bunny! Can I have the bunny? :D

  2. OMG how cool is that cake!!!!!!! I would be all kinds of stunned if my family did something like that. That takes some creativity. Happy birthday.

  3. Aloha and Happy belated birthday to all involved :)

    Tell your hubby he's been awarded extra ManCard points for making the rest of us look good - nice one, mate ;)

    PS: *THAT* is an awesome cake - looking forward to seeing the non-edible version one day :)

  4. What a wonderful birthday month. Love the cake!