Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Subway’s, what are you doing?

So recently it hit the news that Subway’s were using  azodicarbonamide in their bread rolls. Which as I understand it is a type of rubber.

What was concerning about this, is the belief that it can cause  asthma and skin complaints as well as increasing the risk of cancer when used in cooked foods.

While Subway’s say they are now ensuring this is removed from their rolls, there is little comfort , as it can still be found in a lot of other processed foods.

Given the common occurrence of this substance, I could have forgiven Subways for the mistake; however, recent Subway choices have left me feeling alienated from the brand completely.

I have always enjoyed a good Subway’s melts, but hearing that a large number of subway’s stores are banning ham and Bacon from the menu, due to complaints from Muslims in the UK has left me fuming.
Why must Brits suffer because of the beliefs of a religious group who has chosen to reside here? In my opinion if you move to another country, you should respect that countries culture and beliefs. If you can’t do that, then don’t move here. It’s that simple.

Now that isn’t to say you cannot have your religion or follow it, you can. Just don’t try to force it on the rest of us, which is exactly what is happening with Subways right now.

It worries me that there is already a strong distrust and hatred for Muslims in the UK and things like this only increase that hatred.  A company trying to satisfy all its customers’ requirements is not, a bad thing, but Subways is not doing this. It is satisfying only its Muslim customers. Surely there is a way that both Muslims and Brits alike can be satisfied, where halal meat can be sold as well as bacon.

Yes, I know that Muslims worry about cross contamination and that not eating pork is incredibly important to them, but there surely must be a way for Subway’s to make it work in everyone’s favour. Perhaps a separate counter in their stores which only serve Halal meat, with members of staff, who only work on that counter and storage area’s specifically for the Halal meat.

I know this would result in extra costs, but surely it would have less damage than the customer losses of switching completely to Halal meat.

You only have to look on the internet now to see that huge numbers of people are opening slating Subway’s for this decision as well as making it clear that they will no longer be purchasing Subway products and this is not just those based in the UK. People in other countries not effected by the decision are also refusing to eat Subway’s, fully aware that Subway’s could take steps to make this a reality in stores all over the world, if they believe it to be successful here in the UK.

So what’s your opinion, is this political correctness gone mad or a good decision by Subway’s? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Love and hugs
Joss xx



  1. Well, going back to the initial thing of using that product in their rolls, it sounds weird to have rubber in your rolls but if it's a common thing then fair enough. If it's linked to cancer and asthma then it needs to be looked at, we've just heard on the news about the number of asthmatics who are dying because they weren't taken seriously. I nearly died of asthma at two and I'm very glad I stopped having symptoms at 13.

    Removing ham and bacon seems excessive. It is reminiscent of that primary school that tried to ban the word "Christmas" to avoid offending non-Christian faiths. How many other, smaller cafes serve these products? Subway are responding because they're a big company and want to be seen to be PC, but I think it will backfire big time. I do like the meatball sub, but maybe I will think again!

  2. You know, it's pretty scary what they're putting in food these days. I heard about something else recently on the news too - wish I had written it down, because I've already forgotten. It's just that I never ate the stuff, so I wasn't overly concerned. Sorry.

    Anyway, unless the ingredients are pure, you never really know what you're getting. In the past year or so, I've read a lot of food labels, because I can't eat gluten anymore. It makes me very sick. In the process, I've discovered so many foods that I won't eat anymore, and not because they don't have gluten, but because I can't even begin to understand what might be in them in the first place.