Friday, 23 January 2015

Solheim family catch up

It's been a relatively good week this week. Even if I have spent the last few days feeling a bit yucky with a tummy bug.

The highlight of the week though had to be the arrival of my brand new FILOFAX!!!!!!!

Yes, I know, a few weeks ago I was bemoaning having to use one but things change people, and I am in love.

I have watched so many setup videos for Filofax it is unreal and finally have gotten mine pretty much how I want it, with reading lists, important dates, a gratitude diary and so much more.

 I got so into it, that my first planner, a Collins planner in the personal size, quickly proved too small.  Thankfully my wonderful husband allowed me to upgrade to an A5 Dominio, Hotpink Patent Filofax!!!!!

So all above pics are my new Filofax and the below are the old Collins Planner, which my friend is going to borrow so she can try out the whole personal planner lifestyle.

Also, this week hubby took advantage of me being ill and powered up his steam engine to show off at the bus stop while collecting our son. I was less than impressed by this at first as I was worried he'd be late. As a precaution, I dragged myself up to the bus stop  ahead of him just to be safe. I needn't have worried though because he made it up there with time to spare. The kids loved the steam engine and were swarming all over it which made my husbands day.

Our son  was also overjoyed and telling anyone who would listen, "That's my daddy's steam engine." Sadly I didn't get pictures, being poorly I didn't even spot the perfect picture opportunity, even though all the other mums were snapping away. Oh well, live and learn.

It's been a pretty pleasant week, bar the sickness, and I have managed to be pretty productive thanks to my new Filofax addiction. Seriously, if you haven't tried Filofax or at the very least having a personal planner you should. It has completely turned my life around.

More has been going on this week than just my Filofax though so I need to pull myself away from that topic.

I started doing FlyLady again, so for those of you in the know that means I have a nice shiny sink and have done a few 27 fling boogies as well. The only thing I don't do is dress to shoes. I find shoes way too uncomfortable and I am not putting shoes on, indoors, for anyone. Not even the lovely FlyLady.

I also started reading Trim Healthy Mama. A book that teaches you to eat healthy for life. I have to admit it's a bit scary. Especially as all the things I like to enjoy together, they say I can't enjoy together. We shall see though.

Well, my shopping is due to be delivered soon, so I am going to leave it here for now but let me know if you  have a Filofax. :) or have ever had a Filofax. Did you love it, or dare I say it, hate it? Perhaps you've been a fly baby, or have tried or are living a Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle. Whatever the case let me know in the comments along with how you've found it?

Love and hugs
Joss xxx


  1. It sounds like you're making great progress in life! Great job!

    1. Thank's Loni and I am indeed. I've really been amazed by how much a simple planner can help.

  2. Nope, I've never had a planner outside of my little calender, but yours is SO pretty! Makes me want to get one and dive in ;)

    1. oh you definitely should,t hey are so much fun to put together. I am already thinking I need more lol.